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Mar 26, 2005

Polls - Justice Delayed, Justice Denied??

Saturday, April 16, 2005 Justice Delayed, Justice Denied?? earlier in
now shifted to this blog.

Today, Chief Justice R C Lahoti today turned down a request from the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) to declare Monday,a holiday on account of Ram Navami.

Justice Lahoti said one adjournment of a case due to an unscheduled holiday would result in pushing back its hearing by at least six months.

The apex court will function on Monday, although the Central and Delhi governments buckled to demands and have declared a holiday on Monday.

The Parliament, earlier scheduled to meet on Monday, will now meet on Tuesday. The Delhi High Court and the subordinate Courts would also remain closed on Monday.

Should there be a restriction on the number of Court Holidays
a. Yes
b. No
c. The present situation is fine
d. Depends on the reason, region and court
e. Dont care
f. The question indicates you are probably a pseudo secularist.
g. None of these (Please elaborate if possible)

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