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Mar 7, 2005

Do U Know - UN Online Volunteering

This "online matching system" was launched in March 2000

The majority of host organizations are based in the USA, followed by India. In Africa, the largest number of host organizations is located in Nigeria and Uganda.

Most of the applicants are from the USA and Canada, followed by India, the UK, Australia, and the Philippines. Among African countries, Kenya has most applicants (rank 10). In Latin America, it’s Mexico with most applicants (rank 14).

Most assignments posted are in support of “Community Development”. The most frequently requested task has been “Translation”, followed by “Research”. The areas of expertise most commonly looked for have been “Internet”, and “Social Science/Social Work”.

Their current url is
Spark Scorcher Sunny got it right

In March 2000, the UN Volunteers (UNV) programme launched the Online Volunteering service in partnership with NetAid, at the NetAid website. In February 2004, the Online Volunteering service moved to its own website, It continues to be managed and is now exclusively developed by the UN Volunteers, while NetAid has pursued complementary volunteering activities.

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