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Mar 25, 2005

Aargh Diaries - National antinational

Ok so I wasted 5 days following the scores and 2 days grumbling about the performance and then will spend 2 more days talking about team selection etc.

And now Mr.C tells me that while I spend so much time on cricket I am ignoring the national game , hockey. Cricket not our national game??? Yeah maybe the persons who decided thought, hey cricket is our national obsession, lets make hockey the national game.

Hey I will be glad if the hockey team wins, but it just happens that I like cricket more. And yes if the team comes in some big match (Olympics , worldcup etc I will watch it on TV)

But does Mr.C buy it? No. Its as if me and the millions of others like me are responsible for the downfall of hockey, our National game.(Emphasis his not mine). And as if I am the symbolic representation of the Enemy within. Yeah ok, Mr.C if in your books I am unpatriotic, fine.

And there I was still wondering how I could get back at Mr.C, when he calls me and asks who is the captain of Indian Women's Cricket team. And when I stare at the ceiling in silence, softly swearing to self, he sweetly asks, "So you like cricket and yet you dont know even this??"


PS : I am hoping to catch Mr.C eating some fruit other than mango and ask him why arent you eating mangoes, our National fruit.


  1. Hi there,
    u left some comment on my blog that u dont believe in wasting lot of time moanin and groanin about it true ;-) :D .....james bond meets life007..:D

  2. Aargh is a fictional character.

    Wise donkey isnt. I dont believe in moanin and groanin about cricket and so mentioned it in my post.

    life007 = license to live
    while bond007 is for license to kill.


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