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Mar 7, 2005

Women's Day

March 8th Women's Day.
Women's Day & women's issues need not be the concern of only women.
Women's Rights doesnt mean taking away Rights of Men.

On Women's Day would like to pay my tribute to Raja Rammohan Roy and the men and women who share his spirit.

Happy Women's Day to

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I wish even the male bloggers because I believe Women's Day is now observed to highlight Women's Issues. But since there are plenty of men who support these issues, would like to wish the men too. But if anyone wants me to remove their name, will remove it with apologies.


  1. Hey Gaya....wish you a v Happy Women's Day too :-)
    Also, thanks for all the information.. i like ur 'do u know' posts. Long time no 'chef' posts???

  2. "gaya"

    Happy Womens Day to u 2 :)

  3. thanks amita and colors:)

    well i will write a chef posts colors. didnt think people would read so didnt write. will definitely write some more onthat now.

    the do u know in its present format i have to discontinue at the moment though:)


Have a Great Day!