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Mar 26, 2005

Million is meaningless

Dear God,
From the link i came across the following stats re children in India.
•About 60 million Indian children under the age of 6 live below the poverty line.

•Almost 2 million children in India die every year before reaching their first birthdays.

•.7 to .8 million children die every year from easily preventable diseases like diarrhoea.

•Children from 100 million families live without water at home.

•Children from 150 million families live in households without electricity.

•Every year 27.06 million children under 5 years die in India. And the deaths of girl children are higher than those of male children.

•100 million child labourers in India work in hazardous or exploitative conditions.

•15 million of these children are bonded labourers.

•There are 11 million homeless children, living on the streets.

•There are approximately 2 million child commercial sex workers between the age of 5 and 15 years and about 3.3 million between 15 and 18 years

in my quick find these are the stats with millions in it. Of course there are more, but i think like me you also won't care to read the entire contents.
As your ardent devotee, i am sure that :
a. if they really deserve a better life you will directly do something about it
b. they probably dont belong to my community, so u wouldnt want me to worry or care about them. (did u check i made 5 posts today telllin those who don't believe in you should be killed?)
c. I think NGOs just make stuff like these so that i will feel guilty and donate Rs.100 and let me see, ten thousand people like me and they will have a million. it makes sense to go for a life saving surgery even if there would be risks. but that doesnt mean i should take a similar risk with donations right? i think i wont make a difference. no i havent yet tried to make a difference.
d. Even though i can make a difference, if i talk more about these issues, u created me to enjoy life, not to also bring joy to other lives.

Well i think i have strayed from the reason i am writing to you. Millions do count you know. It would be a nice miracle if u deposit a million in my bank account.

PS : I am writing in Sulekha, because i am sure u read it. (u can ofcourse read everything and everyone). But there might be comments from those who think i am insensitive and taking advantage of these stats to write a blog. and its absolutely unethical to put in humor category (they wouldnt have come across it otherwise).
well dear God please dont be fooled by them. They may express outrage but unless they do something, they are just like me. i am just being more honest.
i have a challenge for them. let them visit or still they wont do a thing. if they do something, u can give the million to them.
but i am confident they wont do a thing, because, like me they think millions are meaningless. but they just wont admit it online.
PPS : while on the million in my bank, please make it million pounds thats the strongest currency at the moment.
gayathrie on Sep 30 2004 4:31AM in HobbiesFun

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