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Mar 25, 2005

Aargh Diaries - Men Mars, Women Venus & Eunuch live in hell..

Lunch time at work, one is supposed to eat in peace. But becomes tough when people start discussing their problems and issues with me.

Yesterday a guy was cribbing about tax concessions for women. Well its his money, so if he wants to crib, his choice. But he was cribbing to me, so it was my choice to give him advise:D

And so I said, If you think being a female has more advantages, get yourself castrated, then undergo hormone therapy and become a female and get tax concessions or just remain an eunuch say, its worse for them and get more tax benefits than the females.

Needless to say, he didnt find it funny and thought I was being insensitive to the third sex. And (thankfully) walked away. And I thought, aaah peace atlast.

But then minutes later a female was saying to me, she wanted to find out who her true male friends were. She wanted a friend not due to her looks, but for her mind.

Yeah you guessed it, since the concept was fresh in my mind, I told her, tell them you are an eunuch and say you are the marvel of surgery and hormone therapy. I thought it was not a bad idea, but she thought I was being horrible and insensitive.

Yes, now the guys and girls both hate me, at work. And I dont have to worry about anyone disturbing me at lunchtime.

All are busy gossiping on my sex and sexual preferences and which feature of mine, could be the result of surgery etc.

But life sure would be better if people didnt stare too much:)

Aargh !!


  1. You've actually given very thoughtful advices to your friends. I don't know why they didn't like it.

  2. Aargh,Life sure will be more calm and content and peaceful and happy and satisfied if ppl dont involve into others affairs and dont peep into others life and if only they mind their own business:))
    First they come to u with their cribbing and complaints and u waste ur precious time and give me them wonderful suggestions and so eman of them that they call u insensitive and what not.sigh! ! ! bhalai ka zamaana hi na raha:)))lol
    Happy holi to u lady,havefun

  3. Well Aargh is not wise donkey,
    but kl, neelima thanks:)

  4. hi gaya
    i did not know aargh is your blog !!
    But nice one !!
    Keep writing !!

  5. well i know gayatri:) Aargh is not wisedonkey,guess it was a mistake,a typo:))

  6. :) neelima
    just was pointin out aargh is fictional, since i transferred these posts from another blog:)

  7. Wud u rather have ur chow in peace or listen to ur colleagues incessantly chatter about thier sexual preferences ? Easy Choice. But then again, think about it.U cannot live in the cocoon forever.'Man'sa social Animal.' bla bla...But seriously at the end of the day,I wud def agree with u.People tend to be so sensible when discussing others affairs and shooting away priceless advices on them, but get helpless when it comes to thier better shut up.

  8. Hi Wise Donkey, thanks for visiting my page. I wish a belated but Happy Holi :-)

  9. Hey, that tax deduction for women makes me remember one interesting thing that happened in my office.
    During Articleship training we were doing income tax returns for our clients, then this file came. I dont remember the name of the client but am sure that the client's name resembled a female name. So we filed the return claiming tax deduction for women(Technically it is called Sec.88B deduction). Finally, it turned out that the client is a MALE. And the best part is that we knew about that only when he came for next year filing. Then we simply made the current return as a male. And, would u believe ???? He had no issues from Income tax Deptt. !!!!
    See how dumb our IT dept is?? By simply puttting a wrong tick in the taxreturn(though by mistake), the exchequer lost Rs.5000. NEW IDEA FOR TAX EVASION ??!!!!

  10. :)) maverick, thankfully it wasnt a female with a male name, then she would have been angry with u and it wouldnt have been that easy to fool the client :D but yeah a good one..

    Kl :)

    sachin :) aargh is just a fictional character... and in real life if i came across this situation dont think i would have given the same answer :D

  11. Perhaps Eunuchs are from Mercury... so close to sun, it is a real hell ;-).

  12. thanks for visiting my blog WD. Why Men are from mars and women from venus I thought both are from earth.....;)

  13. tarun a fan of Dr.Gray so couldnt resist the title

    Sray :))now thats an interesting thought..........

  14. ha...thats a good way to keep off people:))

  15. fine thanks xxx :) how r u ? and no new posts from u?

  16. xxx
    well gaya i'm fine thank you. will post something soon, a bit busy these days

  17. well gaya i'm fine thank you. will post something soon, a bit busy these days

    You don't seem to be posting something new, I hope you are fine. take care gaya

  18. the c 'n' h type aargh funda u have is pretty good. reminds me of spaceman spiff :-)

    and aargh, i admit is a really strong character and the whole blog is a good read. but i've a small peeve the layout. not a page for the idle browser ;-)

  19. after giving them advise u shld send a bill for the advice 2 them . this way next time they wont bother u :D and also this way they wld stop staring at u . Infact they might start running away as soon as u start 2 speak :D

  20. :D

    i am not able to post in blogger at the moment so the "do u know" of this week is for the moment only in my rediff blog


  22. aargh... its someone whom you wud want to be... but lives only in your mind.


  23. Sound like a bunch of light-weights to me.

    I often say worse than that to complete strangers .. and get a laugh out of them.

    Don't worry about it...

  24. If you ever read this post you will read the following interesting matter.

    You call your self a donkey (10/10)
    You write some real cool posts (9/10)
    You freak around giving colleagues, trying to be as 'normal' as poosible, advices on eunuchs (50/10)

    I am totally impressed, if you want to know if I am truly impressed, there is this wise donkey that I know who said whatever she said and according to that you will tell me that you are a eunuch. Assuming that done.
    I would say "That does not change a thing you are still my friend"
    you would retort "Hello mister you see a girl(or eunuch, I hate contradictions) with brains and attitude read a couple of posts and claim to be best of friends!!".

    Sincerely hope your eunuch pill did not taste bad to you. Also, women are stupid, why the heck does anyone want to know if or not their friends are trye?

  25. raka, well aargh diaries is a fictional series. and i am definitely not the aargh character .i am not aargh but i can definitely emphatise with aargh.

  26. well i am not an eunuch but i like to think my thoughts and views are mostly general neutral

  27. Hi Donkey, nice to see your blog, came here via the humming bird. I ruminate too, wisely.enjoyed your post!! very scary to say the least!


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