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Mar 11, 2005

Do U Know - India 5 minutes - maternal mortality rate

Every five minutes, an Indian woman dies due to to complications related to pregnancy and childbirth, adding up to more than 100,0000 deaths a year, one of the highest rates in the world.

Quetzal & Pinks got it right


  • Every Day, Every Minute a woman dies while giving birth in the world
  • 1 among every 13 women in developing countries die during pregnancy or childbirth due to complications.
  • 1 in 4100 it would be in a developed country,
  • And more girls and women die from the complications of childbirth in developing countries than from any other cause.
  • Maternal deaths alone do not reveal the full scale of the tragedy. In fact, for every woman who dies from complications related to childbirth, approximately 30 more suffer injuries, infections, and disabilities which are usually untreated and unspoken of.
  • An estimated 300 million women today - or a quarter of the women in the developing world - have sustained problems in pregnancy and childbirth that have profoundly affected their lives.

Almost two-thirds of Indian women, mostly living in villages, give birth at home.

More than half of this country’s women are anemic and only 20 percent of mothers receive all the required components of prenatal care.

Motherhood should be about life not about death, right?

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  1. Hi,wise donkey,

    Was hunting for some info, and stumbled across your blog. Just to say thank you for caring.

    Yes, we have much to do in India. So much that we have no time to waste in I need to remind myself often!


  2. annamma, just doing my duty as a citizen..

    European nations who fought two world wars are part of Euro union today..nothing is really impossible..



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