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May 3, 2005

Do U Know - Assam Rifles & AIDS

In reference to a premier paramilitary force of 55,000 troops deployed across north-east India to combat the region's 30-odd guerrilla groups waging insurgencies for independent homelands or greater autonomy, it was said : "We now find more soldiers dying of HIV-AIDS than to bullets fired by militants."

Amit Recca Sray spark kavitha amita TripleX sweety AngelzFear got it right

Assam Rifles has revealed that more than 180 personnel of the force have been found to be HIV-positive, of which 32 have died of AIDS in the past decade.

Speaking to on the sidelines of a three-day AIDS awareness campaign launched by the Assam Rifles Wives Welfare Association, Director General Lt Gen Bhopinder Singh said: "We now find more soldiers dying of HIV-AIDS than to bullets fired by militants."


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  1. U come up with some terrific questions Wisey...

  2. amit thanks :)

    (hope u werent being sarcastic)

  3. Acquired ImmunoDeficiency Syndrome

  4. AIDS. I wonder why... :-(... no wonder the local folks are up in arms.

  5. No way was that sarcasstic...But i blv u do lot of reading...

  6. thanks :)

    but actually i dont , other than the usual stuff like rediff sify indiatimes(to increase my bp:D) msn ndtv and outlook.
    and then
    and all my do u knows comes from these.

    but when i come across somethin interestin i store it in notepad with link and am quite organised about storin info, and categorising it, so that kinda helps. so i dont have to wonder what i can blog on.. somethin i could have read 6 months back could be used now...

  7. Rediff,
    Yeah gaya , u really dont read much. :D

  8. hey something wrong with Its not opening up properly....

    or is it that i'm the only one facing this problem?In that case, pls let me know.

  9. gaya,i dont have ur email had to put up this comment here,i read ur comment and probably i was holding back my tears for long,stopped them for long for want of someone who would understand the pain:) well,the tears are flowing now,dont know whatelse to say

  10. AIDS, most of the solderis are getting affected by HIV .

  11. I wonder if the Indian Army is taking any concrete steps to combat this. How are the soldiers getting affected? Are brothels getting set up wherever the soldiers are? :(:(. If yes, are the human rights of young girls being violated? I wont be surprised if girls younger than 18 (or over) are being forced into prostitution.

    Also, why doesnt the Army train its soldiers to use condoms? Or is the Army looking the other way? Given that soldiers get cut and bruised a lot, even soldiers who are not having sex are in danger.

  12. "gaya"

    I think the Punjab police is also affected by a similar case of AID's
    issues with most men in uniform being infected

  13. well Recca there are many out there who read more and more smarter. :)

    @$#!$# well the sidebar on the right takes time to load and the page is taking time to load . any other prob, do tell. will try to figure how to reduce the loading time.

    Neels:) you dont have to say a word, will be emailin u now.

    sray what u say is true. will try to give more info tommorrow:)at the moment dont have the data on how the soldiers get it.

    amita i did see a prg on mumbai policemen too, on ndtv, but dont remember the data.

    spark good to see u on my blog even though u have a hectic schedule.

    will be slightly busy 2day but will try to sneak in and blog:)

    hope all have a fantastic day :)

  14. hey WD its fine now.... i guess it was my company's proxy playing games again....:))

    anyways...just took a survey to find out i'm a wizard...the link's on my blog so u can check out what you are...

  15. AIDS,
    I know i m a bit late to get any prizes :-p but r there any consolation prizes...

    neways..the question is too serious to make fun of....Hope Army brings in some awareness among the defenders of our borders...and does something to take care of the ones affected.

  16. Triplex is back in his full form, eh?! :)):)).

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  18. nothing funny about being in 'deep shit'

    i am regaining form

  19. Hi Gayathri :)
    Left some comments for u on my blog. :) bBye

  20. sray:))yeah seems xxx is backto his usual self.

    xxx of course i dont like it. so sorry will have to delete it. hope u understand...

    @$#!$# will check:)

    angelz well technically its open till tommorrow morning. agree topic serious.

  21. Hey! Or doz it mean that there are too little bullets that are fired at them?

  22. they have not mentioned in the causes in the link, but now that they are aware of the seriousness of the issue, i think they will tackle it.

    sudhir , check from whom that remark came from. If it had been from some smart alec from media, i wouldnt have written about it the same way..

  23. AIDS.....I am little surprized but the question is why not looking for persons from whome they are getting infected apart from those already infected. Pitty for those...I wish some day there should be cure for this.

  24. hmmm incidentally I am very closely associated with Assam Rifles. Pop and mom both worked there in Shillong...

    Sad to know that.. will go through the links later as soon as I get free SIGH..

    watched another movie on AIDs... My Brother NIkhil.. was pretty well done... and educative.. I must say.. something different from Phir Milenge..

    Seems like we are having a wave of aids awareness movies.. like we had cancer awareness movies in Rajesh Khanna and Sunil Dutt days...

    But these movies should be distributed better across the masses to let them be aware of this issue and the social stima attached to it ...

  25. There is certainly a stigma associated with AIDS in India, with several myths going around. However, we can realistically look to eliminate this stigma only if we begin to realize the need for sex education in our country. Someone definitely needs to tell the children about the birds and the bees at one stage.

  26. tarun agree,but the causes should be known more for prevention purpose. all the cases need not be thru unsafe sex.

    pallavi, thats hard.
    well yes, but i think still many think, i wont get it.

    @$#!$# absolutely!
    especially when many dont know oral sex is Medium HIV risk (
    when the dps clip was doing rounds, how many could think , hey they could have got HIV (i dont know if there was a condom involved)

    another related issue with AIDS, when spouses dont have the right to say no to sex or demand safe sex.

  27. According to me, an AIDS test must be made mandatory before marriage, at least i'll have one and show the result to my (to be) bride...(that is, if I'm able to find one in the first place)

    but jokes apart, yes, the spouse definitely has a right to demand protected sex...and I see no reason for denying it, until & unless u are proven clean.

    Talking of rights, I have a recent post on my blog dealing with some right-related issues....

    hope u take a look

  28. @$#!$#
    :) agree.
    and will check ur blog.

    well i disagree on the safe sex part . after all safe sex is not just about transmitting hiv. pregnancy or other STDs could be involved.

    (btw i am being gender neutral in the discussion and am talkin about the rights of husbands and wives and not just wives.)

  29. WD that's why it is more important....

  30. tarun i am not saying how they got infected doesnt matter, after all that would help in preventing further transmission.

    they are taking it seriously, but to my knowledge have not made public the reason..


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