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May 10, 2005

Do U Know - Mumbai Waste

Mumbai generates 7000 tonnes of garbage a day. For more please read this article

Sray Recca Got it right
Spark got it nearly right
Sorry for the delay in posting the answer

N B Patil, principal secretary in the urban development department of the state government, reported that the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) was spending Rs 500 crore a year on solid waste management, which works out to over Rs 1 crore a day. However, 90% of this cost goes towards paying employees who receive 129% of their salaries as dearness allowance.


  1. U did not elaborate on how well the waste is managed...Money is fine but what about the management?

  2. Amit, the post is incomplete at the moment. Generally, I give more info and related links after the answer:)

  3. 10,000-15000 or more

    I'm guessing here :)

  4. 15000-20000
    but i guess it's much more, taking into consideration the polulation of mumbai

  5. "gaya"

    It will be a lot more than 10-15000
    since 1 ton is abt 1000kgs and
    i think one society can produce a ton of garbage with abt 1000 families
    so if u consider abt 15lakh pple
    then the range is abt 10-15lakh tonnes !!

  6. okay can i change my answer??
    suppose one person produces 500gms of garbage everyday (seems reasonable to me) , there are 1.75 crore people in mumbai, it turns out that we have abt 85 lakhs kgs of garbage, which is approx. 8500 tonnes , adding some error for wasteful ppl. it abt 10000 tonnes.

  7. 7000 tonnes !!! this is strange ! considering the 17 million population of mumbai , the waste generated per day per person is 2.5 kG !!!!!!!

  8. wats a dearness allowance btw ?

  9. phew the calculations :)if someone had asked me last week i would have been absolutely clueless (or googled :D)

    recca the da, well its a variable factor in salary i think:) (others correct me if i am wrong)

    amita, it was for one day..i dont know if u would want to recalculate.

    spark no probs u can change.

    btw, the waste can also be industrial i think. so it need not be divided per person, but the idea of multiplyin popn with approx waste is a good idea which i wouldnt have thought of:)

  10. yeah , right , the industrial waste ..phew n i was thinking - 2.5 Kg/day/person !!! :) n i think the C n B grade bollywood movies shld also be added 2 this waste :)

  11. I don't want to calculate how much waste(in tonnes) is generated in mumbai...

    There's one thing though, that i'd like to add. Mumbai's sewage is dumped in the sea! Went to Juhu beach last year, and I had never seen black water in a beach(fondly remembering the beautiful goa waters)...

    Its so pathetic to see how waste management is done, not only in Mumbai, but most of the cities(Delhi discharges its sewage in the Yamuna).

  12. Hi WD,
    Agree with Recca in saying that these junk bollywood movies should also be added to the garbage. These stupid, sentimental soap operas are also in the Queue to be added to the garbage. And, the silver lining is that these waste can be 100% recycled !!!! can't believe ???? Then howcome u have 1000s of moviesand serials with the same story ????? Is it not recycling ?????

    Btw WD, DA is not the variable part of salary. DA is a fixed percentage on salary ( 129% in this case) to match the increase in cost of living. It is basically a reflection of inflation.

  13. g3,
    result not out yet??? hmmmmm... guess u sud fix a date and time for the results :D, wud reduce the anxiety of all the participants :)

  14. Well I generally post the do u know on tuesday night and give the answers on thursday morning. Had problem with my computer today so couldnt post the blog earlier.

  15. hey..loong time no D...(actually WD).

    So what's posts for quite some time now.

  16. in few days will be leavin on a trip and busy with that @$#!$#

    i want to try one more post, otherwise it will only in 2nd week of july.

    have a happy weekend everyone:)


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