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Jan 3, 2006

Do U Know - Indian Army Faulty Artillery

According to a report submitted by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India in Parliament in December 2005,
Since 1999 imported arms, ammunition and equipment worth Rs 1,221 crores have been found defective.

No one got it right

Some other points mentioned in the article
Helicopter detecting radars worth Rs 159 crore failed to function properly.
Rs 303 crore worth of ammunition, weapons, and multipurpose boots acquired in a hurry during the Kargil operations were sub-standard
Also nearly 15,000 rounds of ammunition - worth Rs 14 crore - are lying unutilised because they are defective.

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  1. corruption in this too...oh my !

  2. 3000 crores...wild guess!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Wahtever is the answer. Multiply it by 3. Tht will be the right answer. The poor arm manufcturer has to make up for the all the kickbaks he paid. Hence the 'Tus patakas'

  4. sloganmurugan:))
    iceyez yes:(

  5. There's plenty of it. where do I start? right from the small arms procured to the bigger ones. Some mothballed due to lack of servicing, some because they're just not usable, etc.,

    I think Outlook(or was that Week?) quoted something like 4.5K crore Rupees.

  6. Nice commenrt u posted on my blog. maybe I shud seriously follow some of your recommendations :)

    And about, the answer for your question on the report submitted by Comptroller & Auditor General etc etc..... er... i don't have a clue!

    Yes, it is a far cry from the days when I used to know EVERYTHING that has to do with parliament - one way or the other. Sadly this is not the state today! And to think, I graduated in Pol. Science. :0

  7. actually its higher bangaloreguy.
    amazingly i didnt find reports of this in all the websites.
    dont know due to my poor search engine skills or lack of coverage. but surely the website wouldnt make up the figure..

    vaibhav:D on the tips
    political science, thats cool:)

  8. freekin!!!!!! even in this!!! man...never knew this....hhmmm let me take a wild shot.....

    20% of the whole buyin???

    btw for much is the total amt of buyin????

  9. oh sorry u need rs eh! hhmmmmm somewhere arround 8K C???

  10. prasad i only know the news from the report not the whole report, though i did try to find out from cag website:) so cant tell you the total amount of purchase etc..:)

    actually in may there was another report which caused a stir, on lack of mining equipments, there was one on radar equipments. politicians just pay verbal tributes. and it makes me sick to think soldiers put their life in line for the country, and we cant even give them proper equipment.

  11. hey you said its higher, its acutually much lower! Oh well just army faulty artillery? There are plenty of such things with the Airforce and Navy as well.
    The IAF had to cannibalise some MiGs because of next to no supplies of parts.

    and the idiots who want to trust the US suppliers dont want to trust our own HAL on the LCA, despite its delay not being anything new wiht modern fighters.

  12. bangaloreguy i wasnt wearing glasses yday:D
    sorry read the 4.5kcrores
    as .45kcrores

    the figure btw is about imported so the total faulty figure could be higher for that period.

    there was another report on the local production and lack of standards i think it appeared in May 2005. and of course you are right that Navy Airforce etc too would have their own figures.

    But whats amazing is that media has not made a big deal out of this to my knowledge.

    Should news only be interestig if its a sting, and not when its a CAG report?

    btw other than ibn, if you know a link about this elsewhere do mention it.

  13. well, we import a lot of weaponry, rather most of our weaponry. So while there are things manufactured by the Ordinance Board that are defective, not quite sure if it can be on the scale of the imports.

    The media make a big deal of the LCA being delayed endlessly (when they have little clue on what similar aircraft concept-to-production times are) or of the Arjun being not upto Army expectations, but no they wouldnt do that if its foreign ordinances - it would be a story somewhere in the middle pages.

    I tried finding the outlook/week article I referred to above, but a google dint throw up results, and right now am 2 brain-dead to probe further.

  14. jeeez!!!!! goodness!!


    late again! as usual! sorry gaya been off bloggin for a while!catching up now:)

  15. Our politicians who have no idea about the difference between a good or bad gun, are the ones who decide which one to buy and from whom. And soldiers are the ones who suffer. I am told by the veterans of Kargil war that the CB of Pakistan artillery was far superior than us. What a shame! What we keep contemplating to buy, others go and shop and use much before us. By the time, we decide to buy the equipment gets outdated and becomes almost ineffective. India always buys junk in bulk. Most of our military equipment is outdated.


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