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Jan 7, 2006

Tag - 2006 Top Ten

Top 10 things to do in 2006.
Tagged by saaya. Actually I didnt have a Top 10, but anyway, I think this would make sense.

1.Thank Bloggers
I thought blogging would be dull after not being able to blog in o3. But actually it became better from last month. Thanks bloggers, especially for the Do U Know participation. It keeps me on my toes. Special thanks to all the o3 bloggers who consistently come here and dont mind the word verification. (Actually a post is on the way, on it, the problem is finishing it)

2.Stop checking o3 support blog to see if they have solved the problem.
They said after Diwali, its probably Diwali 2006. So dont waste time scrolling through the comments.

2.Stop creating or logging into O3 account
It doesnt work. Logging into it is a waste of time.And trying through 7 is enough. Any more would be spamming Indiatimes.

3.Spend 4 hours a day for blogging
Stay at home blogger might be fun. But part time blogger is better, for self.

4.Stop thinking that many bloggers could read the "Indian Sports minus Sania minus Narain"
The mainstream media isnt dumb. It knows what readers are interested in.

5.Start studying
From Today not weeks before exam. And blogging is not studying.

6.Drink 8 glasses of water.
So what if you couldnt do it last year, doesnt mean you cant do it again.

7.Talk softly
Thats a tough one, but atleast try it. Sometimes the message can be more important than the volume:)

8. Plan for it
Its not enought to think I will do it, Plan for it.

9.Dont give up.
If you fail once doesnt mean you cant do it, try to do it again.

10. Keep it open
You may not figure out everything in January, it could come in December, there is always room for improvement, keep it open.

Tag the first 5 people who want to be tagged.:)


  1. Donks,
    Yeah O3 support is dead and extinct.. guess even the office boy who was involved in it has put his papers down and the watchman is taking care of it ;))

    And indian sports..sorry me too guilty for not being able to drop in too often in there.

    Anyways hoping ur top10 r gonna happen in practice

  2. G3,

    hmmm...good one again...and hope u r adhering to what u said...

    except 2&5, hope i can also try to do this...

    do u hav a hope of coming back to o3...

    i want to forget leo...but my boss is also an leo...3rd aug...assured to forward ur leo posts...

    and if u r busy in ur exams next week, happy pongal too...

    and tagged, let me try...

  3. Nice post.
    And yes, drinking 8 glasses of water... me tempted to try!

  4. Donks...
    Just a suggestion..
    I too am unable to post from my office PC...on O3
    But it works from home....( No logic to it, but.... )

    Try logging in from a different PC, and preferably one having an XP OS..!!

  5. pluto exams thankfully not next week:D its still some months away. next week its a personal trip though its still not fixed. only will know tommorrow if i can leave tommorrow.
    with o3 i will never like to say never:)


    sanjeev yes someone else also said the same thing about being able to log in thru another computer. i tried. couldnt.
    there could be a logic though. could be the system or the ip etc..thanks for the suggestion

  6. hi , .. a first timer here on your blog , came from prakash's my-digital-dairies .... One of my resolution for 2006 was to drink 8 glasses of water every day too ... I thought I am probably only one to have such resolutions , thanks to you for I know there exists atleast one more who has same resolution , Its really good for health and some hown on average cant drink more than 6 glasses , I also want to drink 2 glasses just after I get , but I forget daily ... :):)

  7. Hmm. was looking for an email id to send this to, could not find one, so the comment space it has to be.

    Going through your earlier posts I was reminded of the old days at the much slimed house trying breathe some life into o3, was good fun fighting the borg, but it never worked out.

    I heard from one of the tech team chaps from there today and he told me that there is nobody managing the o3 thingie, only the landing page is updated. The last person on the support blog quit the joint some two months ago, so no point looking for help there either.

    The o3 account authentication is not handled by the blog application, it is done by the common login thingie. You might have better luck (if you are really lucky that is) complaining to the general Indiatimes feedback contacts, though from what I remember they'd more or less refuse to give you the login details if you can't remember the password reminder question.

  8. G3,

    i generally said by seeing ur 5th point...nothing else...

    anyhow, all d best for ur exams which is months away:D

  9. prakashvenkat :)) and i thought , i was the only one :D

    well its terrible,but generally for me its just 2, but one of the other bloggers who drinks the reqd level, suggested that it would be easier if i could increase it by a glass everyday.

    i think if u can drink 6, 8 is very easy.

    codey great now my poem to o3 support is a waste:( the prob isnt wiht login its with posting. so guess end of story, though it was fun while it lasted.

  10. Gaya:

    neat things to do.. balanced and well thot too:P

    and the Minus men's Cricket Narain n Sania blog...u know me follows it:)...think u could add a tag at the end of ur cmts on o3..coz not many ppl know abt it me thinks...

    wise things;)

  11. well ramses i am not sure what you mean.
    whether its this post or my o3 probs.

    i do mention my latest post name in o3. so if the name interests them, o3 bloggers can come here and comment, i thought:) since i wrote the aargh diaries immly , i didnt write in many comments this post name.

  12. no no didnt mean this knwos u give the ttile of ur new psot when u log n cmt..

    me meant for the "FYI" blog...u could do the same as well...or at the end of ur posts here u could add a link to that blog saying it's been updated...ppl like me subscribe to read as soon as it gets updated we know..but some may not and this would help them.

    it takes a lot for that blog!!

    even now i saw 2 news pegs..very informative Gaya..

  13. good idea:)
    i did it in o3, but now after i come back will do it in blogger

  14. thanks a tonn gaya :-)
    Guess u too is trying hard to overcome O3 Same here !!
    It is sad that a lively place like O3 is dying like this :-(

    Well about drinking water I have achieved that :-)

    Believe or not Y'day I was telling my hubby One day I want to be like Gaya. And Wanna do full time blogging in all possible subjects :-)

    What exams you are writing ?


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