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Jan 8, 2006

Good news or Bad news

Its good news for those who reach for headache pills after reading my blogs/comments.
Its bad news for those who read my blogs/comments to avoid sleeping pills.

Its confirmed. I have to leave tonight for an one month trip to Chennai.
Will be back on 9th Feb 2006. So wont be blogging much though will be reading your comments.

And now I am worrying about what I would do
if there is a hijacking (nothing, just pray, I am wise donkey, not Harrsison Ford in Air Force One. And since I dont believe that hostages should be exchanged for terrorists etc, guess just prayers for me.)
if there is an accident (scream)
if there is an earthquake (during take off, landing and when in Chennai), well who said, there wont be an earthquake where I am today, hmm some consolation. (But here its the groundfloor easier to run out). But I hope there isn't an earthquake especially when I am with the dentist and there is some equipment in my mouth (Am I the only one who worries like this?)

I just hate travelling. It could be air,water,rail, road. Other than the bicycle, everything is just a strain on my nerves. While I can live happily in any city town or village. Even if it means no net or TV, I just hate the thought of travelling.

Thankfully everyone isnt like me, otherwise nothing would have happened in this world. Though wonder what would have happened if none had travelled to USA. Hmmm who would have been the superpower.

Who cares. I have to worry about myself. Last year I tried the logic of hey even earth is in space, but no one worries about the earth going for a freefall in space. So why worry that an aircraft would have go spiralling down. This didnt help. Just that it has made me wonder what will happen if the earth alters its movements and instead of revolving around sun, starts going downnnnnnnnnnnnnn (See I dont like to take things for granted:D). One more thing to worry about and fear about. And its no consolance if it happens for the first time (in case of earth) or the upteenth time (in case of an aircraft). What happens , happens, I guess.

2006, isnt that kind to me. This trip and then another one in March. Ok enough of cribbing. For those who would miss the blog and yet missed some posts, here are my favourite links. I dont want anyone to get addicted to sleeping pills.

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For 2006, well just scroll down and try your luck.

Bye:) And I will be back:)

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  1. :)) yeah , i too hate travelling - specially the packin n unpackin part ...
    what a logic bout earth!! u surely do hate travelling :))
    bon voyage :)

  2. vyuha well the packing is fine, i can be more organised about it.. but i am a control freak i guess, and it just gets me to realise that i am not in control of the aircraft :)) and i have to depend on others:D

  3. Ohhhhh....I was beginning to wonder where u were!!! Have a Safe journey...And if I don't catch ya before long...happy maatu pongal :P

  4. Happy travelling D, and may u get lots and lots and lots and lots of such oppurtunities this year itself and in all yrs to come...:D

    Also may life go on normally and may the earth not start falling one day, or stop revolving, or that no earthquakes dont happen (at least for the next one month)...:P

    Thanks D, u saved me money on a month supply of headache pills.

    Even now u cant help but add a link to a leo post huh!!!

    Anyways have a wonderfull and safe journey. And dont forget to parcel me thhe chocs. Take care D.

    PS: I read the comment on crowning of Mr Cheese.....I thot someone had put up a new post on it that i didnt read...:)

    And Chennai does hav net connection...:P

  5. grrrrrr konfusd, lots of travel opportunities:d
    chennai has broadband connection, but i wouldnt have time:D

    Just 2 Leo Posts:(
    But i hope you read one in the morning and the other in the evening everyday, if you dont you are going to fall in love with a Leo. If you are already in love with a non-Leo, your kid is going to be a Leo.
    So you decide Leos in your life forever or Leo post twice a day for a month:D


  6. curious i am starting only today, but i have posted few posts in 2006 too.

    Aaaaaaaah Happy Mattu Pongal to you too:D

  7. Donks,
    Blessing chennai wiht ur presence.. Keewwl..and nice thing u left us something to munch about in ur absence.

    And abt the dentist thingy when quake comes ;))) too thinks somethings on that line especially when holding bags in 2hands and standing in a bus,i used to think what wud happen if my nose itches and Lo!!my nose will start itching ;))

    Cheers and happy stay for well as maattu pongal:D

  8. Bon Voyage WD. Have fun and TC.

  9. Oye Donks!

    Have a happy journey... and blogdom will miss your posts!

    Will make sure to go thru the previous ones.

  10. Hi WD
    Best of Journey and happy times with your folks!!
    Link to all your favourite posts!hmmmmmm Saving our time ;D
    Yeah even me thinks that reading blogs, sane(ur's) or insane(mine), is anyday better than sleeping pills!

  11. hey WD :) Welcome home to chennai :DDDD

    :)))) at ur travellin jitters...chillax nd relax madi....

    hey now tht u r in chennai wanna meetup????

  12. hey gaya3...

    a VERY belated happy new year...
    you have been tagged...
    chekc my blog on o3 for more details....


  13. Wah Wah...Welcome to chennai :)...

  14. Hope you have a good trip...

    Best of luck... and hope the earth doesn't fall apart or any calamity strikes...

  15. G3,

    then where r u now???...i thot dat u r in Chennai...update, if u can??? India or Foreign???...
    its a news to me...

    and Wish u a Happy Journey:)

    and a Happy Pongal too...

    Mom called me and told me to wait upto last week of Jan 06...So...i hav every one...

  16. Hi Wisedonkee :)

    I get worried during take off and landing as well (n dont calm down until 10 mintues after each happens) :)) so I can relate. Wishing you a safe and happy journey and vacation!! take care :)

  17. Hey u saw this movie final destination...the part which the protagonist fears to fly....the moral of the movie:- "None can escape death"...
    Hey even i do worry like that..whenever the train crosses a bridge i just hope it crosses it safely..and many silly things llike that...

  18. hi gaya
    happy travelling and safe return :-)
    Any plans of dropping by to Bangalore ?
    We could meet then !!

  19. hi safe sound and busy in chennai.
    prasad, now too hectic, but definitely will try
    will reply individually 2 comments later thanks :)

  20. Hello Busy D,

    Happy Pongal to u.

    Been very busy lately.

    Now lemme make one thing clear. U can insult me or call me a leo......but u CANT insult my wife and my nanhe munhe 2 bacche....X(

    Anyways i'll be carefull enuf to plan that any other children will not be born as a leo...:P

    I hav decided to take the risk than reading ur leo posts.

    BTW Hope u r having a good time in chennai. Any chance u will be in mumbai.......Just asking. Wud like to get my chocs as ast as possible na......:D:D:D


  21. bard lol on the itching, and happy mattu pongal to you too:D

    af thanks:)

    vaibhav :)

    rashmi:D (urs insane,no way)

    pluto, i am based in chennai, but when i blog its from another town. dont mention about it on the blogs though.

    techj will chck but no posts for the moment, will post on tag after my trip :)

    iceyez thank you:)

    n.g aka zephyr yes:D thanks :)

    unknown, yeah i get tense when trains travels over bridge too. well i know death is not unavoidable, but sort of specific about the way of dying:)

    saaya thanks, but bangalore not this time:)

    konfusd, mumbai not this time:)and your chocolate, well do u want me to courier it? :D
    well Leos have a cool way of appearing in lives of non-Leos who hate Leos. Who knows it could be your boss next:D

  22. Happy journey...though i hve a feeling u will have already reached ur destination by the time i've posted this comment
    happy pongla..and hope it isnt 2 late to wish u a happy new year..
    I lovvvvvvvve travelling..wish i was in ur shoes rt now..wanna trade places? ;)

  23. Hi,
    first things first.donkeys do grrr i didnt know,they do something else.and there is one proverb which says, parivartan ko chod kar ha cheez pariwartan sheel i am hoping that there will be parivartan in u r apporach and one day the whole earth(world) will revolve around you!!!
    and in the mean time visit or

  24. sangeeta thanks:) hmmm trading places:D not a bad idea

    vyom i will ,after i get back,definitely thanks:)

  25. Busy D,

    I dont mind u couriering it.....but pls make sure that the chocs arent from Cadbury's.........:D

    Else by the time it reaches me, it can be used for vermiculture..:D

    "Leos have a cool way of appearing in lives of non-Leos who hate Leos. Who knows it could be your boss next"
    I can change my boss D anytime I want......but sadly I cant change my wife and kid....:(
    Though dont mind changin wifey once in a while.......but then there are feminists(read U) who will cry foul and start male bashing...:P

    TC....and Have a safe stay.

  26. Err a typo.........pls dont take the boss stuff in any other way. It wasnt meant to be that way.....if u still happen to remember the Mumbaiyya language......Sorry......:(

  27. konfusd, i am tired of telling this but will have to emphasize i am NOT a feminist but a humanist.

    on wife changing, well as long as people dont have prob with husband changin, i dont have prob with it.

    on the Boss, yes you can change easily.

    on the offense part, well to be honest i didnt get the offensive part, so ignorance is bliss i guess:D

    peshwa thanks mate:)

  28. Hello Humanist,

    Well well D is getting angry.....not even a single smiley.....:D:D:D:D

    "on the offense part, well to be honest i didnt get the offensive part, so ignorance is bliss i guess:D"
    Thank God for ignorance...:D:D:D:D:D

  29. not angry just hectic schedule
    :D :D :D :D :D :) :) :) :) :)
    (hope that covers)

    and tommorrow going to rameswaram, then kanyakumari and then trivandrum. and just my luck someone has predicted a tsunami on 21st.

    anyway so wont be replying to comments till 24th:)

  30. Hi Busy D,

    Wat a beautifullllllllll schedule.......:D:D:D:D
    Happy travelling.........:D

    Oh.............and may u also survive the tsunami on 21st...:P

    And u just used the entire month's quota of smileys I guess.....:P:P:P
    Doesnt mean u shud stop using them.....:P


  31. Aaha Bardism's goddess of wisdom seems to be too busy n hectic.. have a safe and comfortable journey donks and do visit our pages when back..O3 looks barren wittout ur wise cracks.

    Though i try to crack a few,folks call that as a crack's crack :)

  32. konfusd and bard thanks:)

    Safe and sound and back in Singara Chennai.

    On o3, well tough at the moment:)

  33. hope you enjoyin ur stay in chennai...


  34. Busy D,

    Was that u or someone else?????

    Just 2 lines?????


  35. WD: Hey Hope you are having wonderful time and much required rest.
    Have tagged you, Madam enlighten us with your list.
    Please take your time, we all can wait.
    Lots sa love

  36. vishnu thanks:)
    konfusd hmmm its not easy to impersonate in blogger. btw manytimes my comment can be of 2 characters only :)

    rashmi will check and answer tag after 3-4 days.

  37. Hey Gayatri
    Please take your own sweet time.
    No hurry mate.
    Take care :d

  38. G3,

    How are you...Hope everything is Ok:)

    me too...tagged u...

  39. "manytimes my comment can be of 2 characters only"
    yeah i know......i am sometimes the victim of ur "short" comments...:P
    But thats the worst comment that anyone can give....:P

    So wen r u coming back to full ime blogging?
    Ur trip over?

  40. "its not easy to impersonate in blogger"
    was just checking the validity of the above statement....:D

  41. pluto will try to answer ur tag next week thanks:)

  42. G3,

    Congrats for getting d post of Goddess of Wisdom in BardisM...check dis post by My Lord Bard...


  43. konfusd? konfused:)
    pluto thanks i will:)

    trip delayed so will be back on 28th march 2006 only :(


Have a Great Day!