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Jan 2, 2006

For the glass ceiling, even Sky is not the limit

Women can be in Indian Air Force
Women can be Pilots
Women Can be In Flight supervisors in Indian Airlines

But when Air India, management, early last week, lifted the ban on female in-flight supervisors, sources said male in-flight instructors are against the decision and the first signs of protests from male cabin crew came on Friday evening when the Shiv Sena-backed Air Indian cabin crew (AICC) members met Amod Sharma, director, in-flight services and expressed their disappointment over the decision.

When for the glass ceiling, even Sky is not the limit,
I want to say more, but all I can say is, how pathetic.

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  1. hey g3 this blog is a fake me thinks ... reminds me of wizard alone..

  2. and that freak deleted my comments


    dis the blog i am talking abt. seems to be frak

  4. ok, for a minute i thought it you were calling me a fake :D

    well i replied, dont know if my comment deleted, and perhaps you are right.

    its not easy to trust anything in o3:D

  5. checked my comment definitely fake.
    reminds me of khan too..
    how on earth will someone know my name then?

  6. huh ! ridiculous assholes.the shiv sainiks. rather they should be happy that they would have chix in the office now :) the gay bastards

  7. wtf.....hhmmmm dunno wat they'll say next...mayb women shouldnt b allowed to pee on flights.....wat a load of idiots....

  8. doggy it isnt about having women at work, its about saying no to women as boss:D


  9. incompetent ppl resort to these kinda of tactics...anyway didn't expect anything better than this from someone affliated to shiv sena..

  10. Hmmm ... What to say ..

    For every one step forward .. There are a whole bunch of people pulling u backwards ..

    And the statements made by those sainiks are so immature that they need to b sued for the same ..

    Once they are punished .. I Doubt they wud start thinking on these lines ever again :D

  11. I don't know what is the problem with these particular men having big egos and pea sized brains

    (am not talking abt all men here)

  12. GE D,

    Well u know that I cant say No to a woman boss. The reply wud be u can start searching for one without a woman boss today itself. Here is ur last salary...:)

    Dont think there is a need to raise any problems ovr woman in-flight supervisors. If they can be cabin crew y not in-flight supervisors?

    And beautifull supervisors they wud make 2...:D
    How can a person become a cabin crew in Indian Airlines...:D:D:D

    The "Should I get married?" post is kinda sincere, isnt it? So thats ur real name. Mind if I ask hu is Khan???

    "btw i did read the disclaimer, and thought it was thoughtful"
    Thoughtfull!!!!! Thats so very nice of u......:P:P:P:P:P

  13. sparks :)

    amita :))

    ng_aka_zephyr i agree that its not all men, but unfortunately the stupid ones get lots of attention and give the rest a bad name.

    konfusd, yeah you cant say that:))
    on the khan, well he/she was a blogger in o3 who went on creating around 30 blogs saying India should become part of Pakistan.
    and you can read about it here .
    no the post is absolutely insincere, based on the comment i got. i have read and commented on these kinds of posts frequently, to realise this isnt the general response.
    its a regular o3 blogger who knows me (i havent been in o3 for a while) and is just out to waste time of others.
    of course each one their opinion. :)

  14. yea...thats wat I thot 2....if u look at his replies to amita etc.
    I hav been commenting at ur post for some time, and I dint hav an idea bout ur name.

    A Q: Wat was the ref to scorpio on pluto's blog? Dint get u. Though I can 'sting' hard if reqd.....:P

    Wats with u and NG and men-bashing?
    And u say u r not gender biased...:)

    Am just pulling ur leg....:)

  15. konfusd
    on the scorpio,well there is a zodiac "joke" that scorpios never forgive or forget:D

    on the male bashing, hmmm did you read my comment:D

  16. Konfi,
    I said that I am NOT talking about all men...only SOME MCP's who have pea sized brains...

  17. Headless Idiots these people are,they dont have logic,they have no sense,Heck,why waste time on them atall,let them bark all they want,We are bound to take the next step even they try pulling us back another ten steps back.

  18. Shits... I didn't knew such things happened in the air force, supposedly an elite field.

    Now, it's not only the Shiv-Sainiks who are politicising the issue, but the male in-flight instructors seems like typical MCPs. As someone earlier commented, they should be happy that women are working with them. But maybe, they're too insecure about themselves.

  19. Hi Donks...

    Wishing You a Happy New Year Too...;))

    I think not much needs to be read into the Air India union step..

    They are prone to agitate against anything & everything...
    Even if the management ban aliens to become anything in Air India, they would still agitate...So atleast I do not take them seriously. That would mean acknowledging their views....;))

  20. n.g aka zephyr , i think konfi knows but still says some stuff, to pull legs, and to give vent to his deep rooted suspicion that i am a male basher:D

    akruti true. but i am suprised, it
    took since long for the policy of Air India to change. why wait till 2006 for this. in the article, its mentioned that there would be one male, in every flight, and even if he happens to be the junior most, others would have to report to him.
    how did AI get away with it for so long.

    vaibhav i think you got confused i am not talking about airforce, just Air India.

    sanjeev, AI union (men and women) might protest agst aliens, but wouldnt it have been odd, if men had been allowed to be inflight supervisors in Indian Airlines but NOT Air India.
    wonder if the many in Air India would have waited till 2006 to change the situation and say, how stupid it would be to report to a woman even if she is the junior most, and why not allow it when Indian airlines allows it.

    The topic is not just about AI unions but glass ceilings.

  21. WD,

    I inadverdently typed in 'airforce' when i meant Air India. Damn, should 've attended school! :)

    And yes, I read about this fiasco in the newspaper too. Really sad state.

  22. NG,

    OMG how cud I hav missed that 'NOT' in "am not talking abt all men here".
    My sincere apologies...:D:D:D

    My sicere apologies to u 2, as u hav enlightend me to the fact that u r absolutely unbiased. As u hav pointed out, u r correct bout my deep rooted suspicion...:P

    In turn I wud like to remove ur deep rooted suspicion that I dont read comments. I only dont read posts....:P:P:P

    Good Morning.

  23. vaibhav:)
    konfusd:) good morning:)
    hmmm now i realised why u dont seem to read the links from the post, you dont read the posts!! :))

  24. Unfortunate, but not entirely unexpected. Methinks the real problem for Shiv Sainiks is not so much with reporting to a woman as the fact that the in-flight attendant gets paid more. (lot more maybe?). So, once the reservation disappears, well, more competition, no? [But then again, u cant rule out chauvanism entirely...] I'm quite surprised to learn they have different contracts too!

    PS: First time visitor... curious about your nom de plume. Are u a smart ass? ;-) (Kidding, found it funny, so had to put it down. Guess u must've heard this before...)

  25. economics + convenient stupidity i agree:)

    on wise donkey
    well i had to take aother identity to attract less attention, and to prove perhaps to myself that i could do it all over again in o3, and i wanted a gender neutral identity.

    and thought for around a minute before using it for a comment.

    1.the oprah interview of shrek cast was on my mind. had seen it few days back.

    2.and i had a free blog url kick, which i had created earlier by mistake. the other free urls were irrelevant notserious etc kick had more force:d

    3.and i believed in the chinese saying of the wise know how much they dont know.

    4and i love irony and paradox.
    so within that minute came up with wise donkey.
    (what else will anyone come up with:D)

    no i never thought of smart ass. another blogger later pointed it out to me. and i do regret that implication,but its stuck with me:)

    Kick btw i gave the tag line "Kick the First Expression of Life"

  26. Yes... I knew you were going for the oxymoron but the smart ass connotation was quite funny, so thought I'd ask you... I'm tempted to go after kick now, but shall refrain :)

    Well, you have quite a tome of posts! Shall try to read whenever possible.

  27. well you are welcome to go after kick, but i am proud of "Kick -First Expression of Life" line:)

    couple of posts back i had a New Year Post with my favourite posts of 2005:)

  28. I dont really have words for those idiots.
    btw what exactly are "in-flight supervisors"?

  29. bangalore guy, hmmm sort of the boss of stewards and stewardess ..probably:)

  30. its amazing,the crap being spewed by way of comments,on an article which is factually incorrect.neither the shiv sena nor the men in air india are opposed to women,being promoted as inflight supervisors.those men and women that joined air india ,1994 onwards ,will become inflight supervisors,as the selection was on the same platform as in indian airlines. the women agitating to become inflight supervisors,are not graduates(the men are),have had various benefits over the years, and now want to take away someone elses line of promotion.this is not a womens issue, its being made into one, to benefit a handfull.why not aqquaint yourselves with the issues involved, before diving into the deep end.

  31. annon, what are the various benefits that the women have availed, which the men have not availed.

    i agree that merit is important.

    the blog is based on the times of india article, and i cant help it IF TOI got it wrong.

    btw for the women who joined after 1994 (and probably graduates) could become inflight supervisors Earlier or only Now?


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