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Jan 5, 2006

India on Balochistan

India should know better, it has no right to talk about Balochistan.

After all its not the USA which can say who form the axis of evil, and attack presuming there would be WMDs and also not forget to taunt the French for not supporting it.
(Btw is it French Fries or Freedom Fries now in USA?)

After all its not the Pakistan which can support terrorists and claim they are freedom fighters. Which can hunt for Osama and yet encourage LeT. And talk about Kashmiris but conveniently forget the plight of the Pandits.

How dare India say "it noted with 'concern' the heavy military action in Balochistan and Pakistan should 'exercise restraint' and address the grievances of the people of the region through peaceful discussions."

Pakistan will continue the action against tribals and nationalists who are agitating for autonomy in the province, till the ‘writ’ of the government is established there . But anything and everything India does to establish its "writ" is human rights violation.

After all these statements can cause "pain".
And Pakistan in the past has been so considerate of Indian Government's "pain".

So nauseating.

It would be nice if Pakistan teaches by example, how a country should mind its own business.

And perhaps we should be grateful that US has not yet condemned our "interference".

Have updated the Do U Know-Indian Army Faulty Artillery with the answer.


  1. Me first to comment... Yay!

    Oh and yes, India should mind its business, but what about the US who thinks that poking their nose in every country's internal matter is their prerogative alone?

    The same happened when the some Nepali insurgents killed some of our troops. India did nothing but just to 'condemn' the act - no warning whatsoever. Same is the case when it comes to Bangladesh.

    Wonder when we will learn?

  2. Hey donks,
    Took some time to smell the sarcasm ;).. I think after handling the tsunami singel handedly india can claim to be a super power and the 1st symptom of superpwerdom is interfering in others issues..when a wwaekling like pak in interfere here y cant a superpower ;)

  3. Vaibhav Yay!:)

    Hmmm i was being sarcastic. I thought it was just so ridiculous.
    We just said the situation should be resolved peacefully and Pak govt finds it offensive!

    Bard, super power you got to be kidding. when it will take 100 years for India to reach super power status if we go by HDI index.
    With Infant mortality rate and Maternal Mortality rate worse than countries like sri lanka and Bangladesh, its a looooooong route to superpower.

    but that doesnt mean, Pakistan can tell us what we can say or cant say.

  4. Vaibhav on the Nepal and Bangladesh incident unless we respect ourselves others are going to .

    and since when do Indian Politicians care about army.
    read the answer to the Do U Know post.. i thought it was pathetic. though thats not the only Report . there r cases of not getting the equipment for removing mines, read about radar safety.. i guess the list just goes on..

  5. WD,

    I would rather say it was a good thing to do....for once it puts onus on Pakistan to keep minding their own affairs and rather than raising the bogey of human rights violation by India in Kashmir....

    Even from a totally humnatarian prespective one should raise concern if a neighbouring country is using gunships and tanks against the local population...

    Of course you can always say that India has done the same thing in the past..But two wrongs don't make a right.

  6. Pak double standards is amazing, spark.

  7. Ah..Pakistan...i can write so much abt them that I really end up writing nothing :D

    My only take is that a nation formed out of xenophobia about other some other nation remains in that state for ever..

  8. At first i was pretty aghast see you supporting Pakistan on Baluchistan..but then then sarcasm sunk in.

    Good Post..there is nothing much to say.. only that I am happy India finally trying some pro-active plans after a long time.

  9. hi gaya
    how are u ? check my blog and i have tagged you ...

  10. The Iran-Pak-India pipeline, if it happens, will pass through Balochistan. Hence the Indian interest in the affairs of that state in the Pak Federation.

    So the Indian and Pak Gov. should be on the same side of the fence in the long run when dealing with the Balouchis.

    Meanwhile in Balouchistan: India blamed for Kohlu unrest; Sherpao warns outlaws of stern action

    Ayaz amir: Indian cheek and Pakistani helplessness

  11. saaya i will:)
    sloganmurugan thanks for the link:)will comment after reading them

  12. sloganmurugan the links were interesting.
    but since when did verbal concern become equal to support thru arms etc(one article claim)
    the other was balanced.

    perhaps diplomatically it was the response expected from Pakistan, but when the issue seems to bounce back and forth, it did get irritating. and really the holier than thou from Pak govt is just....

  13. nothing very new there WD...Pakistan spits venom and uses its media oh so effectively. when ever India has a validobjection..they go hotstile.."no interference indeed"I have had the misfortune of watching pak tv for many yrs while I ws in Punjab...80% of their news is highlighted indian attrocities. U can imagine what a violation of every norm this is by the state controlled media.
    They have just realised India is stepping on their foot. :)
    but i agree with The Bard..that with a maoth popn..India comes out a superpower in many a ways...whatever th stats say...

  14. savy yes to everything except the stats..
    it depends on what being a superpower means to you i guess.

    there is nothing wrong in accepting that more has to be done.

  15. baloch nation wants indian help to get freedom from pakistan , my request to indaian government to help baloch notion

  16. we wants indian help to get freedom from pakistan, my request to indian government to help baloch nation , please help baloch nation please. azaat baloch

  17. we want see pakistan in four pieces yes in four pieces azaat baloch

  18. Hei You Pak...

    Wen are you going to change ...Stop criticism against india now you losing your grip in your land

    What wver we have a problem in india we are united when the problem arises ( That's India)we are not like you paki's bombing and killing your own people in the name of GOD.....

  19. i think india shold help baluchistan to get established like bangladesh.lets teach a lesson to pakistan in their own 'style'.its a time to show them our strengh n make their mouth also will n a significant step for india towards being superpower in asia n world

  20. i think india shuold do something to help baluchutan n teach a fine lesson to pakistan.lets show them our strength .jai hind


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