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Jan 3, 2006

Bihar Moving

India Shining : Huh
Incredible India : Hmmm
Hum Hain naa : Please Pleassee, stop being so sweet I am going to become diabetic

Wait, what did I watch now on the BBC (BBC coze they dont have shrill anchors) - Bihar Moving

Its not about an earthquake
Its not about migration
And its not about Rabri family moving out of the Chief Minister's Residence

Its some kind of investment in Bihar campaign, complete with Nitish Kumar appearance.

And leave alone justice to people burning, it would be nice to have no caste kitchens for Police.
Bihar Moving campaign,
So Moving.
And please stop smirking:)
An update Bihar Moving is not the campaign slogan, yesterday saw Bihar Caring (again on BBC) and the ad obviously had another clip of Nitish Kumar.

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  1. Oye Gayatri,

    Me to comment first... YaY!!
    The comment u posted on my blog was the longest comment in the History of Longest Comments. :)See, I reply to your questions here. :))

    Would have made a good post.

  2. Vaibhav I think lately you are always in the one of the first:)
    when i saw there was a comment, i was sure it would be you:)
    (Konfusd, if you are reading this please dont sulk:D)

    Well Vaibhav on your post: Everyday there are blogs where i comment and the blogger sometimes doesnt reply and it just makes me fume (it doesnt stop me from commenting though:D) so a bit of that erupted in your blog:)
    but actually i have written longer comments. of course when it gets out of hand, i would make it a post:D

    but must admit that you are one of the kind, i dont know any other blogger who doesnt comment on his/her blogs but comments back on others blogs:)

  3. slightly confused. The link points to the caste kitchens. are you saying there's a movement against it? and that it was on the beeb?

    or are you asking for one?!

  4. no bangaloreguy as i mentioned in the post the ad was for investing in Bihar.

    the caste kitchen well i just found it so stupid.
    how can we expect the police to be fair when they have caste kitchens, themselves? so mentioned it in the post

  5. The report on the link is true but perhaps it has conveniently chosen to ignore what happened in the aftermath of this being shown on the news channels.

    CM ordered action against this.

  6. angelz will reply in ur blog to that comment.

    CM ordered action because the rule of 500 wasnt followed. that wasnt the people's greed, but the admin failure.

  7. I was refering to the link about the caste discrimination in the police mess in bihar.
    My comment here pertainled only to this post. I have replied to ur link on my post and ur comment in my post.

    My comment above had nothing to do with ur comment on my post :p

  8. And the CM I mentioned was Nitish Kumar and not Jayalalitha.

    Sorry for the confusion

  9. the point is to highlight the attitude prevalent
    and it was discovered not by the govt but the media.
    if it had been a part of a campaign by the CM to improve Bihar, obviously i would have refered to it in a different manner.

    sorry for the mistake, even i was suprised and thought the comment didnt make sense on its own, but since a different CM was on my mind, and since you had replied in ur blog, i went on to comment there:)

    angelz, sure i know you wouldnt let that interfer with your other opinions.

  10. No problems WD,
    No doubt what was happening in that particular Police Mess was disgusting and reflected the caste based divide in the Bihar society. Agreed this was brought to light by media, and then the CM was quick to react to it. I saw the original expose on TV ( was in home during vacations :D) .. and then there were a couple of constables were asked if they felt what was happening was right, all said that too felt bad as on duty when they would go out, they would all eat out of the same plates but once they entered the policelines they divided themselves on caste lines and would eat ans stay separately. Everybody has welcomed the CMs action, and that a first step has been taken to break the caste divides in Bihar and the step has not evoked any murmur of protest from anybody (any caste) shows that winds of change is blowing in Bihar and intentions are good. I would bring out a post on some recent happening in Bihar in a day or two, hope to see you there.

  11. angelz i would be happy to see Bihar improve, just like i would be happy to see any state in India improve:)
    even if CM said there would action etc, the prob is even the policemen dont believe casteism isnt bad.
    (this isnt just Bihar and i think it would be equally possible elsewhere too).

  12. Ah okay.
    well as I said earlier on my blog, I do have faith in Nitish. And I hope he can set things rolling. For Bihar will change India's fortunes - one way or the other.

  13. if nitish thinks ads are going to solve problem, all i can say is oh yeah.
    i remember the natak he did after a railway accident saying moral responsibility etc.

    actually Scindia, was better on that count.

  14. Dont quite remember what he did after the/a railway mishap. what did he do?

    I dont mind his ads though - Bihar will need visibility, definitely.

  15. well i am sure you would be able to find out if you want:)
    mere ads are not action.

    if it were to attract business ventures, the first thing to get right is a good website, and give information about it too.

    what is the point in advertising in bbc, and still not have any specific, schemes which everyone is aware of to support it.

    i googled for Bihar moving and came up with nothing. i guess i will now have to google for bihar caring! or just bihar..

    other nitish on bbc, the ad achieved nothing.


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