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Feb 8, 2006

Aargh Diaries - Service Tax Campaign and Mothers

The Service Tax Ad Campaign tells the children to ask their Father if he has paid Service Tax. Why just Father? Why not parents?

Is it because there are no mothers out there who may have to pay Service Tax? Now thats not possible, since I know a mother who pays Service Tax.

So I went and asked that lady, if she felt insulted, by this hmmm, lack of recognition.

She retorted "Insulted? No. Perhaps the Central Excise Department thinks, the mothers dont evade the Service Tax and hence no need for the children to remind their mothers."


Post no.


  1. LOL... funny.. our govt. still doesn't think that women earn too! And our women... most of them still governed by patriarchic family system!

  2. Hey Gaya,
    hmm, just given up on all these chauvenistic campaigns, innumerable ones..stereotyping!!!! only thing i can do is when at work, make sure this doesnt surface in my work!


    welcome back gaya:)

  3. Ammayya, nice to see a new post. Was tired of seeing "Good news or bad news" whenever I clicked on your site ;-).

    I already pay heck of a tax anyways, and it all goes to some weirdo politician's pocket :-p. So if there's no service tax for women, hey, I for one am ok with it ;-).

  4. vaibhav not yet , but couldnt stop blogging too:d
    actually its just too stupid.

    ramses yes:)

    deeps :D

  5. guess we have to take gender appeasement seriously now...why not start with HR...guys listening...

  6. Welcome back Wisedonkey...hope u enjoyed d trip...

    curious to know, do u really smiled when passing thro' Duraisamy Subway and Leo Complex:D

  7. Not yet??? then wen u supposed to 'come back'?

  8. Good to see u back......and a post which 'only' u can write....:D

    Its good isnt it?

    Am not saqying aanythin bout gender discrimination.....guess we never gonna agree on that.....:D

    Why are u so intrstd in paying yaxes......I 4 one am trying to find new ways to avoid it...

    The only consolation being at least 4 the time being the IT ppl cant make my child ask me....:D

    Dint see u around???........the travel hangover still not over???

  9. pluto yeah its true I am still in Singara Chennai:D scheduled to go back only on march 27th vaibhav, Fate, what can i say:)

    Konfusd well i had paid service tax in the past when i was working as a consultant for around couple of years:) and though i am for paying minimum possible tax:D legally i dont like the tax evasion concept:)


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