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Feb 20, 2006

Me Myself and I - Beast

Cried while travelling today morning
Not for the dead baby or faraway hubby (not that I dont miss him)
Not at the auto fare (Tear glands would dry off in couple of days, if one started crying for every exhorbitant fare in Chennai)

Parents might stay just few buildings, off the main road
But its stressful street for me, due to the street dogs on that street.
And its always a dilemma when mom accompanies me.
Since the dogs know she would get a biscuit for them
They would definitely come near me
But with her around surely they wont bark or bite at me

Aaah thankfully the big black and white one wasnt around
The smart one who follows mom only when the corner tea shop is open
Only one other dog on the street and someone was giving it a biscuit.
And then mom mentions about the big black and white one

Few days back a guy had called out to it
And when it went to him, wagging its tail,
He burnt it with the bidi in his hand
Grrrrrrrrrrrrr well thats the thought in my mind

But the dog simply had gone back to its earlier position.
Not a bark Not a bite

Cant comprehend the cruelty
And worse cant comprehend why the dog choose to forgive.

And even though I look stupid,
Cant help the tears.

And next time when I walk that street
Rather than worry if the dog would go for my throat,
would have to watch out for the "inhuman" human
Unfortunately that isnt easy


  1. Yup...cruelty to animals is such a heinous crime....ppl needs to be punished for unnecessarily harming animals......not that i am a big fan of street dogs....but still cruelty rankles.

    Recently saw an auto driver calls a street dog to his auto......first he patted it a little......then after sometime.....just got hold of the dog's ear and started pulling it......and the dog was howling in pain.....:(

    The dog ran away as soon as it was free......and then to my damn amazement it came to the guy as soon as he called it once more.....and was again met with the same treatment...this time the dog ran away for good.

    Wonder if this is the way he treats his kids.if he is having any......probably.....:(

    So u are not commenting on anyones blog....y?


  2. well yes :)
    i am still in chennai so i dont get much net time and so dont comment on other blogs...

    copycat?? clueless on that:)

  3. cruelty to animals is such a heinous crime....ppl gets punished here in US for this. But that's the another topic US don't have street dogs or cows.

  4. well just because its a street dog doesnt mean one can be cruel to it.

    but what still irritates me is that the dog accepted this.

    would have served him right if it had at least barked at him..

  5. "copycat?? clueless on that"

    Of Course I beliv u. How wud u hav any idea.....:P

  6. Cruelty to animals, be it street ones or pets is despicable. Just because they don't say anything, it doesn't mean that they don't feel anything.

    Thats one of the reasons I am a vegetarian. Whenever I even think of any kind of meat, the picture that flashes in my mind is of the poor animal that was killed mercilessly...

  7. what still irritates me is that the dog accepted this.
    Because they r intelligent. What do you think if those dogs starts biting or opposing will they remain on street. Municipaly van will come know what happens after that.

    Cruelty is a crime no matter against whom you do that.

  8. konfusd you managed to konfuse me more on the copy cat comment :D

    deeps yes:)

    tarun guess ur right, but dont think all the street dogs are like that..

    serbia true:)

  9. Yeah cruelty to any human bieng - leave alone animals - is quite sick!

    And especially animals, who can't speak a word unlike humans, animals who just suffer in agony or are the most misunderstood species on planet, are the worst sufferers.

  10. Right, my dear freind which is why it is probably said that man is god's worst mistake. Dog maybe man's best friend but at times a fellow human can be worst enemy.

    Very unique expression.

  11. Huh, No use arguing with u....:P
    Copycat leo...:P

  12. Hey Gaya3, It's so sad to see the treatment meted out to animals especially the stray variety. I daily see at least one stray dog that has been run over at chennai roads and there's no one who cares for the dead dog. They just run ove it again and again till it gets glued to the tar road. It is a very sorry sight. Couple of times I tried moving the dead dog to some corner or median so that they are not run over again and again only to be chided by others as to how careless I was about my health.(Guess touching dead dogs with bare hands would disease me.)
    Guess that's why they call this a dog's death...:((

  13. Hey WD howz you doing gal?
    Hmmmmmmmm busyah?
    I am not pally with them dogs but sure condemn such inhuman treatment.
    U take care buddy!!
    Awaiting your return :)

  14. Damn,Damn,Damn such people,How can they be so cruel? Disgusting.

  15. Hi G3,

    How r u doing dear?
    Cruelty to animals - unacceptable.
    R u scared of dogs?
    I wanted to tell u something -I MISS U.

    Take care n Lots of love

  16. donks,
    Sorry for not showing up for a verry loong thing wud like to say is O3 misses u and obvously the holy bard too...

    about the post..its ironic that they r called wild animals and we the civilized humans... ther r many psycopaths in the streets who do such things for these voiceless beings...hope the municipality gets rid of them first.

  17. vaibhav hiren yes:)

    konfused huh hmmm:)

    archie yes guess i would tell u the same but stil a very touching wonderful gesture from you (perhaps we can use plastic bags which are almost everywhere as gloves? )

    rashmi yes:) i am fine but still in chennai guess would be here for 1 more month:)

    alapana yeah grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    lust4life, how are you? hope the clouds have gone and the sun is shining brightly:)take care dear:)

    bard no probs, well i am not missing o3 much, but i do miss readin the blogs of all my favourite bloggers including those in o3:)

    missing all the bloggers , sob sob:(
    thanks ppl for makin my day

  18. i remember you writing about how scared of dogs you are. Nice to see that you still deeply feel for these poor creatures. My own pet gets scars from stones that ppl hurl at him even when he is inside the house :( ppl are sick n trust me the day i catch anyone doing it he/she is it my pet or the street one. arrrrghhhhhhhhhh

  19. sapphire i am scared but that doesnt mean i dont care or have respect for life.

    (i hate using even mosquito repellants..and hate that yeh mera ghar hai ad... why be proud of killing some creatures)


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