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Feb 12, 2006

Valentine's Day Dont Dos

10 things you need not do on Valentine's Day

1.Propose just because its Valentine's Day
If you are in love, everyday is a Valentine's Day. But dont pressurise yourself into a decision, just because of a calendar date.
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2. Equate your self esteem with the number of cards/gifts you receive.
What matters is not what others think of you, but what you think of yourself.

3.Think sadly about your ex.
Your ex is an ex for a reason. Dont waste your time, celebrate life, everyday. And make it a point to pamper yourself and celebrate life on this day. Your first love should be you, and if you dont love yourself, who will?

4.Think the biggest and best flowers/ cards/ candies mean more love
They just mean spending more money. And more money is not the same as more love

5.Throw stones at others celebrating Valentine's Day
Live and let live :)

6.Think you need not wish your loved one, because you are already in a relationship and you had celebrated it in the past
Its always feels nice to be wished :) And why take anyone for granted.

7.Compare your Valentine's Day with that of your friend, colleague etc
Thats just a waste of time, you know that right?

8.Think you have to have a plan just because everyone around you has one
Its your life, do what you want, dont want what others do. Celebrate it if you want on your own, Celebrate it with someone else or just ignore it. But just dont worry over what others are doing.

9.Think its the end of the world if your loved ones forgets it
I agree that its almost impossible with all the marketing but please there is always Feb 15th, just celebrate it the next day, instead of fighting over it

10.Worry over the single status
If Valentine's Day is the day of love, the first person you should love is yourself. Go pamper yourself and as I said earlier, if you dont love yourself, if you dont think you are worth pampering, if you dont think you are worth your time; who will?

Its just another calendar date, but just like other calendar dates, make the best out of it:)
Happy Valentine's Date to all Bloggers:)

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  1. See.... I'm always the first! :)

  2. Oh btw the first comment was mine...

    And thanks for your V-day soliloqy, it is quite helpful. Now let me get a date!

    *runs away*

  3. wise donkey! i do not want to say i expected this kinda post from you. but an eerie feeling consumed me to come over and check to see that you have actually dunnit.

    neat post. people should actually read and understand ur advice.

    btw, happy v-day!

  4. vaibhav :D when i read it as "annon" i immly thought hmmm got to be vaibhav:D
    thanks and happy v day :)

    rubic cube thanks:D and happy V day:)

  5. Hmmm..okay..Quite a list btw I posted somethings on my o3 blog about what to do on V day.

  6. Quite true when u r in love every day is v-day. Happy V-day. and check my new look and new site

  7. Donks.... wen u coming back??? My blog awaits your presence.... :)

  8. Gaya: so very true, and well put:D


    chk my applesandwomen blog, had soemthing tehre:) one thing that probably went against one of the pointers.

  9. tarun will check . thank you and wish you the same:)

    vaibhav sorry :) will chk soon. will be back home on mar 28th and i generally make it a point to read all the posts, of my regular blogs:) but will chk in between:)
    hmmm hows the day so far:d still running:D

    ramses thanks and will defly check urs:)

  10. welcome back Gaayu :)

    watz this weird error in ur "Links to your post"... What does Baluchistan got to do with this post :)

    btw i wud liek to learn about Categories, Inline commenting etc., from you.... Solli thara mudiyuma :D

    Then unga 10 points padicha pinnadi enakku oru story create pannanum nu thonichu.... a guy following ur advices ditto, on a Val's day and ends up having his face blue courtesy his girl friend :p sari appuram venaam nu vittutaen :) nice post neway

  11. Lovely! You're really a wise er, um, donkey? Hmm. Wise, anyhow.

    Loved the post, blog-rolled you, so will be back for more of your wisdom :)

  12. r.s you really think ppl could get in trouble following the points:D
    that will be an interesting story:)
    hey i did say wish :D

    melody thanks:)

  13. G3,

    hope i will be celebrating next valentine with my Goddess:)...i am perfectly all r8...

    unable to blog little late here...

    take care...ciau later...

  14. krish better late than never:)
    hope you have a fantastic Valentine's Day next year:)


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