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Feb 25, 2006

Pilgrim - Millions

Dear God
Instead of waiting for the day I get millions (eerrr I am not asking for billions), let me realise that I have more than what millions of peole have, and let me utilise every rupee wisely:)


  1. Gayatri: So true, they say every drop makes the ocean.
    Getting money-wise, eh!
    Enjoy what you have and work for what you want and when you get what you want, enjoy what you got again.
    Take care.

  2. Ditto!..wish i had not invested my money in a Reliance phone:((

  3. hope everybody think like you....

  4. sangeeta :D

    vaibhav :d

    shrawan :)

    but instead of thinking of the million i dont have why do i not think of the millions who dont have. pity the plight of millions is not more than the plight of not having a million

  5. Millions wud be an understatement.


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