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Oct 22, 2009

Being Right on a Dark Road

The car with five men, slowed down to navigate a hairpin bend, on a dark rainy night. A lightning flashed. It revealed a man on the ground, few feet from the road. The car stopped. The driver rolled down the window. Did the thunder almost drown the man's moan?

Another lightning lit up the sky. They saw details they had missed before.

"He is without shoes, and no car around, perhaps he has been robbed" said the Red Tshirt.
"Or wants to rob us by pretending to be helpless. We should move" urged the Blue Tshirt.
"But he appears to be fair and tall, perhaps he is someone famous. Didn't they hint at the resort, someone famous was also staying nearby." wondered the Yellow Tshirt.

"Just a drunk. I saw a bottle near him" said the Grey Tshirt.
"Lets not waste time on some drunk, its not our problem" decided the Blue shirt.
Unfortunately the driver was the Red Tshirt who argued "What if it wasn't his fault for being drunk. What if someone had slipped him something.."
"If only we could see his face" grumbled Yellow Tshirt.

"So we should get down, and look at his face, if he is famous or someone we know, we can ask him, did you get drunk on purpose, if not, we will help you. Perhaps we should also check if he belongs to our community" chortled the Green Tshirt.
The four glared at the Green tshirt. "For all you know it could be a ghost" the Green Tshirt added with a hint of mischief.

"Lets move!" shouted the panicked Yellow Tshirt.
"Or it could be part of a new reality program on TV" added the Green Tshirt.
The Yellow Tshirt, looked desperately at the figure on the ground, and quickly looked away. "Whatever, just decide on something" he grumbled.
"Move. I dont want to suffer for someone's mistakes" hissed Blue Tshirt.

"This is not a girl and not the place we are familiar with, and we dont even have a mobile, to call for help, so its not worth the risk. Lets pray for him and leave" decided the Grey Tshirt.
"Morals and Prayers are pointless without Responsibility and Humanity. Its just not Right" argued the Red Tshirt.
"Humanity shouldn't mean stupidity, If you get down, we will move on" threathened the Blue Tshirt.

The Red Tshirt simply got down from the car.

The Blue Tshirt got in the driver's seat and the car navigated the hairpin bend. The trio tried to look back, but couldnt make out much. And a lightning didn't oblige them.

The Grey Tshirt said "You know the moral of this incident, No more mobile free weekends and waiting for the traffic to clear before leaving."

" No more hill station getaways." added the BlueTshirt.
"It would be an Ironic Twist if its part of some Reality TV show called "Being Right on a Dark Road"" sighed the Yellow Tshirt

"Shut up... I hope there are no mudslides." muttered the Blue Tshirt
"Drive slowly", suggested the Green Tshirt, "If you drive us over the hill, that would be a Worse Ironic Twist."


  1. This was spine-chilling to say the least! You're very talented! :)

    Will this continue by any chance?

  2. well this one was inspired by ur thoughts on morality...
    i was wondering if we sometimes decide on what is right, based on if it turns out right..and what would we do if we didnt know the consequence..

    thanks:) it will continue, only because u asked..

    many of my posts are reactive..that explains the recipes section:D

  3. The incompleteness of this post makes it all the more beautiful.. But, I would still wait to read part - 2. It is this unusual thing about good stories - they are complete in themselves n still leave you wanting for more.

    Great write :)

  4. thanks shreyans:)
    i am working on part2
    some other posts are pending, and unless i post them, i cant concentrate on the part2:)


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