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Aug 29, 2010

A Flame named Freedom

In humiliation, how brightly I burn.
Consequences? I have no concern!
I am the Mighty Dragon, breathing Fire,
Revenge is all, I now thirst and desire.
My Freedom, you are a wonderful flower.
Borne from you, the delicious fruit, Power.
When Retribution I can certainly elude,
Why suddenly has my rage subdued?

Oh Freedom, you gave me Power
But Power is also true test of Character, I learn.
By Humuliation and Character
My poor dear ego, you have now been, twice, burned.

Freedom, its unfair, you fight fire with your light
My rage has been controlled and caged by your light!

I thought I was truly free,
And could go on any spree, carefree!

But, Freedom is a flame within and it ignites
A guiding light, to do the right.
Not a weapon for the might,
To be used in any and every spite.

So, Freedom, I want to be Free from You
Without you I could float in self pity and rue.
For what is the use of being free if, I,
Can but Don't, get an eye for an eye?

Freedom, you might take me to great heights
But I am just as free as a kite.
The string of integrity, chains my flight
With Wind or String, whom I should fight?

Oh please me don't tell me, I am not Ego
I am Character and Ego, I must forgo.
Thought Freedom was a frame of mind,
Why should it be a flame in my mind?

Yet, I wonder if this flame will propel Me to Rise
Like a Phoenix, from ashes of my ego's demise.
Then Freedom, from my ego, you have set me free
Perhaps to happiness, you are after all the key.

An entry for Blogadda's Frames of Freedom Contest

Note : My twitter followers would have been aware of my anger and anguish the last couple of days. Towards the end of the journey called rage, these emotions and thoughts, fell into place. Since real life is hardly poetic, my Id Ego, has only been partially burnt and blackmails me more with its scars. Nevertheless, I am at a better place and at least in partial peace.Wrote the poem and then clicked these pictures (In the dark, a candle (including the first picture), a Silverish Shell articraft for the wing effect, & a helpage calender for Mahatma Gandhi's picture (in the last image). Never thought the toughest part of the journey would be in choosing amongst all the pictures I clicked . Well freedom is definitely fun, if we don't mind the tiny burdens. The line "Power is the True Test of Character" is my favourite quote, and it explains, the source of many a problems. From littering, taking an office pencil, or crores in scam. Gandhi never advocated non-violence as a weapon for the weak,(he asked them to be brave and fight back), but asked the strong to follow non-violence to prove the strength in their soul too. Forgiveness isn't about saying its OK but choosing to Respond instead of React.
Even when you can get away with it,
Ask yourself, what you would Not Do.
Well, thats the Real You, a sum of your Values.


  1. hii
    hey! amazing :)

    my fave "Freedom might take me to great heights
    But I am just as free as a kite.
    The string of integrity chains my flight
    With wind or string, whom I should fight?"
    u have got some real poetic talent ... plz keep writing :)

  2. Freedom from we all need it. Beautifukky written., And tell me more about these pics? You clicked them all?

  3. wonderfully written ...but the pics catch the eye more than the words ..

  4. Insignia yes I clicked them. Just a candle and an articraft.

    vicious thank you, even I felt the same.

  5. The pics are wonderful, and the thoughts even more beautiful.

  6. I guessed it right. The pictures are fabulous.

  7. beautifully written... i guess you have taken those pics.. nice..
    you'll win it :)

  8. Insignia thank you so much:) will try to link to the other pics in this series after uploading them.

    unknown, thank you so much. really appreciate it. About the win, are you the judge or a bookie:) or even better an astrologer?

  9. I remember your having written a very small entry on similar lines - the predicament between not extracting revenge (1) because one would be weak OR (2) because one would not want to extract it.

    I really liked your insight into the human mind as conveyed in both this poem and the post I am referring to.

    My favorite lines: "Freedom, I want to be Free from You".

    I hope, I was not the cause of your anger on twitter. :) If I was, I apologize for causing you anguish (if I did), but not for whatever (anguishing) I might have spoken, for I stand by what I spoke.

    Take care.

  10. ketan, yes, most of the things i have mentioned here have been written elsewhere perhaps seperately. they do form a sort of core in me. but still i have to constantly struggle to keep that core.

    no, you have nothing to do with my anger and anguish i had mentioned. i mentioned twitter since i expressed them through few tweets.

    and if i wanted to change your point of view, i would try to argue with logic. not go about it in this way. and i would rather you be honest, even if it insults or hurts me. i might get emotional but that after a few hours or days, i do calm down:)

    Someone was unfair to me and hence I was very upset. I wanted to retaliate and was wondering on ways i could, when i suddenly realised i could also walk away and move on.

  11. super post buddy:) like this one esp..."But, Freedom is a flame within and it ignites
    A guiding light, to do the right.
    Not a weapon for the might,
    To be used in any and every spite."

  12. cool! its really wonderful..:)

  13. @WD Judge-I am not worthy enough to be one...I jus think like a layman..and appreciate things genuinely :)..
    Bookie- not a bad idea :P
    Astrologer-some of my close friends are scared of me on this..cos whenever I say something it happens to them..but it never works for myself :P

  14. hey i really appreciate the compliment, was just trying to be nonchalant:)
    i think when it comes to predictions, the gut ones work. what we think will happen, will happen. but what we want to happen, well..

  15. u wriet such lovely stuff too ? MAN!! freedom from ego?? u accepted the fact! It says it all!

  16. Lovely! it is a gorgeous piece of writing! :)

  17. madhu realising i must go on a path is one thing, walking the talk is another. as mentioned in the note, i am trying it, but its just not easy:)
    right not its just awareness and baby steps.

    ss thanks:)

  18. Freedom Well i guess freedom for everything would be great .. and ego is no better ..

    sometimes its our ego who makes us do weird things and accepting it is a start and the poem you have written says it all
    and as everyone else has said the pic are good tooo..

    YEP walking the Talk :) is always difficult caue a lot of factors come into play ... but as you replied to one of the cfomment Trying is half the battle WON... at least you are doing something.. a lot dont even accept the fact..
    so here you go a START for you so well done :)

  19. Free from freedom? That's some thought! Liked the pictures as well :)

  20. A great combination of photography and poetry.

  21. "So, Freedom, I want to be Free from You
    Without you I could float in self pity and rue.
    For what is the use of being free if, I,
    Can but Don't, get an eye for an eye"

    "Thought Freedom was a frame of mind,
    Why should it be a flame in my mind?"

    Such is the agony of mind! So true...I loved, adored and admired each line.

  22. thank you so much, and i felt the agony too.
    of course i love freedom, just didn't like the strings it attached:D

  23. Good. Pictures are nice too :)

  24. The mind is like the candle. As it burns it reflects off things to give the best images. I think you found those reins that free you from freedom. On right track, dear.:)

  25. interesting words makes me wonder more,holy lama

  26. thanks for visiting my blog! This is such a beautifully written post! Freedom from EGO! The much needed freedom for all of us!!

  27. WiseDonkey:
    Such such profound poetry!! The poem is extremely effective and inspiring. The pics are great and match well with the poem. Many lines in your poem are "quotable".. would you let me quote a few on my blog, of course with credits!

  28. punam thanks:) you are most welcome to quote with credits:)


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