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Dec 23, 2009

After the Sex

Unaware of the opening door, she murmured "That was the best sex ever". Her friend cuddled closer and said "Why didn't we do it earlier?"

He switched on the light shrieked when he saw them and closed the door behind him. Trembling he said "Twwoo of themmm".

His wife sleepily cursed "Damn cockroaches"


  1. cockroach sex ? you're perverted !:-)

  2. Well, your story could prove prophetic for me. Am that much sacred of cockroaches. I guess, one of the conditions I'll put up before marrying would be prospective wife's comfort with neutralizing cockroaches.

    Am I to gather from this story, cockroaches have better sex lives? ;) "sleepy wife" - LOL!

  3. What did it mean? :O
    tarun goel is unable to understand :-|

  4. Hehehehe, God the things you come up with :-p.

  5. tragic life of pi..hmmm:)

    leonardo maybe:)

    tarun, u will have to wait for the movie Raat ki Raaz

    Deeps as usual u know the inspiration

  6. ketan for all we know, it could have happened in train . the guy could have seen some people on train toilet and his wife could have been dreaming about cockroaches..

  7. Actually it was two aliens. These aliens do not have one or two gender prototypes. The purpose of different their different 'sexes' is not to attract and reproduce. In their race, the progeny manufacturing process happens externally. Bodies do not get synthesised by execution of DNA and assimilation of nutrients. The 'parents' get together and exchange ideas and mix them and come up with the final design. Thus each progeny created is of a different physical design that is termed as a different 'sex'. This time this team of two made a masterpiece. So it was the best 'sex' ever.

    In fact it did look like cockroach. They were so happy with the design that they created two of them, which the guy saw. (yeah cockroaches with sleek brown backs can be considered masterpieces, especially by alien sensibilities). The wife saw the blurred forms through chinks of sleepy eyes and muttered "damn cockroaches!"

    Actually the same event repeated, a kind of deja vu, few years later. This time the aliens created a model they called love, i.e. they made love. Two of them.

    The form of the love creature cannot easily be described in human toungues. But these alien super beings are master artists. Just like great artists convey meanings without words, any creation of these aliens did manage to leave the correct impression on the any onlooker human. This time once again the guy opened the door and said "Love! Two of them!". The drowsy wife heard and thought he was cheating said "Damn Love!".
    And they broke up :P

    AND I HAVE GONE CRAZY. Or rather never became sane.

  8. Stupidosaur, the question still remains what were the two 'models'/'progeny'/'love'/cockroaches doing with EACH OTHER??!! :P

  9. Two paintings or sculptures just created just happen to be there. That does not mean they are doing anything with 'each other'. weird question.

  10. 'Sex' in the title is a verb or a noun?

  11. There are proper nouns and common nouns. I don't know if there are 'proper verbs' that begin with capital letter ;)
    You decide!

  12. ...then refer Wren and Martin or something.

    There is no confusion or question of deciding whether its verb or noun in the title.

    After Tendulkar. -> Tendulkar = noun
    After the disaster -> disaster = noun

    And sometimes Tendulkar can be the disaster.

    The only confusion is, which meaning of the NOUN 'Sex' is to be taken.

  13. @ketan and stupidosaur : Phew!

    vicious :D

  14. All Hail Stupidosaur! :D

  15. Whats with the roaches that people feel 'eeeww' about it.

    And bad of the guy...trying to interrupt a romance!!

    Phew!! at Ketan's comments...What analysis.

  16. Meandered in from indiblogger... nice one...but just a small question... is the first line from friends? The line Monica says after she has sex with chandler? i guess it is... i have seen that series like a million times...hehe

    Latest blog post: Fiction 55: Shift + Delete

  17. good one...cockroaches having it..

  18. rindojustrindo Indeed!

    Insignia yeah i never thought this story would get so much analysis:D

    scarlet pimpernel..well, didn't you read the blog description?

    tavish chadha really?? i have seen friends, but didn't realise it..subconcious perhaps not bollywood style inspiration:)



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