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Nov 19, 2009

180 feet

Shamianas came down, signaling the end of fun.
The mother-daughter duo, started working, under the hot sun.
The 10 year old girl, gawked around. causing her mom distress,
She was, told,ignore the food and drink, just help me clean the mess.

Later, their Masters offered to the girl, a cool drink, as a tip..
But her mother snatched it from her, before it reached her lip.

As she went home carried by her tired feet
She wished they didn't have to plan, When to drink and eat
But she shared her bathroom with 180 feet
So didn't dare to sip water, even in the scorching heat.

Their Masters might offer them something to drink or eat
But definitely wouldn't let her use, their toilet seat.


  1. Very thoughtful post! I must say, many are guilty of and guilty for things having come to this. TC.

  2. yes ketan
    it affects the growth of the nation as a whole. women control their water and food intake because of lack of adequate sanitation
    then thats going to affect later their child and with malnourished kids, how can there be proper growth and development.
    we moan the lack of success in olympics or cricket but ignore that majority of kids are not properly nourished or go to school..

  3. I am not aware of people not letting servants use toilets. Sad if true.

    //"Every problem is a business" (quoting from linked article) is very interesting. I guess it requires lot of intelligence to make it come true.

  4. i know people who would be uncomfortable if people who work for them used their bathroom on regular basis..i dont think it would be a direct no..but i think even the person who needs it won't feel comfortable asking for it..

    well i dont mind if it is viewed as a business as long as it produces results..i think more than intelligence whats required is will..sulabh is doin a good job..but when u read about crores looted in scams..blood boils to think how the money could have been used otherwise..

  5. I loved the simplicity of your post and the deep meaning it brought out. Very well sketched piece of art. Your writing style is amazing. Keep posting more such thoughts :)

  6. Chandrama, kannekted and herdayal thank you so much..

  7. Well, it is true. It is really sad the lack of sanitation for maids, labourers, daily wage earners. It is much tougher for women. It is shameful. You know when we go shopping, it is so difficult for me to find clean restrooms to use even in nice restaurants. Malls provide cleaner toilets. As a country, this is one area we do not think about. Heck, even in trains I am scared of using toilets and hence drink less water. What can one say....

  8. rachna, true. i would rather be without water, even its bad for my health considering the lack of options available.


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