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Jul 26, 2006

Thankfully I think I dont look Pretty

1. I dont waste, even one minute of my precious life, worrying about not being pretty when I get old.

2. I dont waste my money on products, which might make me look pretty for some more years.

3. I dont expect people to compliment on how pretty I look. And well, if they compliment my looks, I can enjoy it as a pleasant suprise, not as a mandatory acknowledgement.

4. I dont pester my family with, do I look good in this or that. And of course thats of no use to me, but I am sure my family appreciates me for not forcing them to lie.

5. I dont waste my time thinking if only I had entered the Ms.Vile Parle contest.

6. I dont need much time to get ready. Funnily the pretty people need time to perfect their prettiness. I can shrug and say, hey I am not going to be pretty even if I spend 15 minutes on it, so why waste time on it.

7. I dont have to read the tips in all the magazines on how to continue being pretty. And be confused when they contradict each other.

8. I didnt lose my cool when I lost most of my top hair. (For the curious, it simply grew back after 6-7 months). And I will therefore not become miserable, if I get a pimple on my nose.

9. I dont have to worry, if my spouse will divorce me when I become less pretty.

10. I dont get upset or try to upload 3 pictures of me, when a blogger calls me ugly etc . All I have to do, is smile and nod and get on with my life. And if inclined, point to this post.

Aah Pretty Good are the advantages of thinking you dont look Pretty
And Prettier are the advantages of feeling you are always Beautiful & dont need to look Pretty.

What ultimately matters, is not what others think of you, whether your looks match or dont match their criteria.

Closer and more important is what you FEEL about yourself. Whether you feel beautiful and gorgeous. And this has nothing to do with what others think, and its something over which, you have absolute control.

The Creator has gifted beauty to everyone, its upto us, to Feel it.

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  1. hi WD
    excellent and same thoughts here

  2. WDM (which stands for 'Wise Donkey ma'am', and not to be confused with WMD, except for of course, if such a confusion enables you do an interesting post covering precisely that confusion :P ),

    I loved this post! Though, it's possible for some to view it wishfully as a case of sour grapes!

    I've gone bald to a great degree. And though, I too don't attach much importance to one's appearance, I do feel bad about it sometimes. I'm not able to reason out, why. Possibly because, I've been used to a self-image, and what I see in the mirror is incongruent with it. And also because, I used to love my face when 'it' had hair more than my face now. Hope this makes sense!

    I'd thought of doing a post on this thing, but refrained simply because I couldn't understand my motive behind wanting to do such a post! Or possibly, because somewhere I might have been looking out for sympathy in one of my weaker moments. :)

    But on the whole, I've got used to this fact, and the lazy but optimistic me says 'good riddance'--no need to comb the hair! ;)


  3. i too lost my hair and was bald above my forehead and it used to invite lots of stares and few questions, especially at work..
    so i can emphatisize with your gain..

    sorry for takin psy angle..but humans like things to be familiar..(in the early stage, when we used to hunt)..(hence a known devil better than unknown angel)..(and thats why people vote for a politician who doesn't work:D)

    so perhaps its not easy to accept the new face with the new looks for you..

    this post was written within a hour of someone abusing my looks on the blogs in sulekha blogsite:D (i think due to the PRoud Hindu post)
    he thought i would be intimidated, the post became popular and the joke was on him..:D

  4. :)
    I liked the point No.9 the most. :)

  5. chandrika thanks for the visit:) my favourite was the 5th one:)


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