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Jul 10, 2006

Weird vs Normal

I have finally managed to accept in the past few months that I am weird. And had even written a post on how Weird I was. (And due to same reasons, didnt post it.)Well weird might be the common lingo, but its just about having some autistic tendencies, quirkiness and a good dose of idealism.

People's perceptions matter, but only to a certain extent. So though there might be a normalcy in being able to write a "Oh the World doesnt Understand me, It hurts me so much Post", which I have wrote few minutes back. I have sent it to the recycle bin because, when the focus light flashes on what I feel, its always easier to just smile and wave it along.

Its always easier to express thoughts than feelings.

And as for weird vs normal. Its just a matter of numbers. If there were more like me, the "normals" would be the "weirds".


  1. Damn... even in your quiz i scored less! Reminds me of school days :P

  2. Weird & Normal is just perception. What might be weird for me might be normal for others.

    But there are things which most of us consider wierd - what if someone walks on the streets naked? It would be weird for most of us (well, almost all of us)... but then it's just a matter of what you think!

    Without something weird, normal life would be soooo boring!

  3. well vaibhav u werent that bad:D
    bloggers who have read my posts for couple of years, couldnt get it..

    yeah its just a matter of perception..after all if 100 persons walked naked, someone with clothes would be the weird one..

    was feeling a bit down over responses like I enjoy reading UN reports and would love to meet St Teresa, and so screamed in a post, and posted the last part..

    now recovered from that phase and have moved on..


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