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Jul 12, 2006

How can I beat the terrorists

1.Give Blood. If I am in the city affected. Or check with the hospital nearby to see how I can help. Surely volunteers would be required.

2.Not forget. Its pointless to wail today and forget after couple of weeks. The lives of those affected has changed forever. A government compensation and a public wail for a week isnt enough. Find out ways to keep in touch with atleast one affected family for years.

3.Refuse to make pointless analysis based on religion. Bombs dont discriminate, why should I. Oh it feels so stupid to worry, will there be riots. And how are rioters morally superior to terrorists.

4.Medical care should include emotional care too. Just physical care and money arent enough. Counselling is a must.

5.Make the media focus on what a citizen can do, than just what has happened.

In the long run,
1.By being nice to everyone, unless required otherwise. Life is unpredictable. Lets face it. I may not be able to change the quantity of anyone's life, atleast I could change the quality.

2.Less Apathy. Unlike other tragedies which occur on a daily basis, terrorism is sudden, and can affect anyone. Human life is valuable. Its sad when some dies from a bomb blast, and its sad too when someone dies from hunger. If I dont care for the other deaths, I am being a passive terrorists.

Wish I could think of more ways to beat the terrorists
Wish life would be as easy as the movies, and its easy to bash these terrorists
Two days ago was talking about Zidane and anger management
Terrorism has the power make me feel ridiculous while mouthing the word anger management


  1. Beleive it or not we are not a nation we are a religion , caste sub caste first.

    think and be a nation then we all will be fellow citizens.

  2. The only way is to defeat the ideology that feeds the terrorist.

    I want to learn more on this way.

  3. Lets join the hands and walk as a nation,Leaving behind the fringes of religion and caste. Lets learn about humanity first.

  4. atleast in mumbai blasts, nobody died for want of blood; apparantly hospitals sent out advisories requesting people not to queue up to donate furhter blood as there was no more storage capacity

  5. lostpatrol53 :)
    If terrorists thought and felt, perhaps they wouldnt do it..
    but the terrorists arent the only one who dont think and feel for others..Terrorists come from the extreme and obvious end of this spectrum..

    alapana yes:)

    whiskeypriest, i think that says a lot. For many the instinctive reaction is to stay indoors, but the city has an unbelievable attitude in adversity.

  6. Sigh!

    Thats all I can do. Such wonderfully useless thoughts, I wonder if you guys have come out of a cave?


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