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Jul 4, 2006

Do U Know - Women working hours and income percentage

In a prerecorded speech to the close session of 2006 Global Women Summit
citing UN statistics, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that "women account for two thirds of the world's working hours but their share of the world's income was only 10 percent. "

Answer on Thursday. Search Engines allowed.

the Protector, Dinesh, Decentmonkey, Maddy, Prasad,and Busybee got it right.
This one didnt require search engines, the data was mentioned in my previous post:)

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  1. 20 i think...

    Gaya congrats on the 300th post :) man! that's really LOTS! besta luck for psoting more n more:)

  2. 15 %. Oh and wen u doing my tag??

  3. anbu no not even as much as tht
    ramses thanks a lot:)

    vaibhav, will post it any minute..the mumbai rains happened and i didnt want to post during htat it:d actually was searching for a rain pic i had seen before, now give up..and will post today


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