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Jul 9, 2006

Me Myself & I - So you think you know Wise Donkey

1.What do I enjoy reading the most, on the web
c .Film Reviews 4. Sorry I dont let it out on blogs, perhaps. But I love reading film reviews and I read a lot of them. Mostly the reviews are more interesting than the movies:d

a.News and analysis 3. Yes. I copy paste what I read with links, even the trivia stuff. For future posts. When you decide to write less about yourself, one needs it.

d.Blogs, 2. For the amazing variety it offers

b.My own blogs 1. After I post it, I dont read it, unless I have to edit it. Why waste my time, reading what I wrote. Life is precious, and time is life.

e.UN Reports and other stuff, which tells the world, whats wrong with the world.(If we dont read them, who will? Aliens?) 0. I get my Data from the news. Read these reports only when I have to confirm the data. I will be an alien or a robot, if I Enjoyed it, I think.

2.Love blogging through
c.Satirical posts 4. I love them, to make someone laugh and think at the same time.And yeah I do write them, even if you dont remember them.

d.Analytical posts 3. Even when I dont write much of them, love them, Remember my relationships posts,

a.Emotional, straight from the heart, 2. Its nice to do it, but it also leaves me feeling vulnerable, and I certainly dont love that feeling.

b.Controversial posts 1. Unless I really believe in them, its pointless.Too time consuming, and I hate feeling defensive. Why post about it, when you can simply comment.

e.Posts that make others feel guilty about about the state of the world and hopefully would make them do something about it. 0. People hate feeling guilty, even if its their fault:D. And if some end up feel guilty after reading some posts, sorry, but I certainly dont love making anyone feel guilty. Now dont try to make me feel guilty about it:D

3.Ultimate Celebrity
c.Dr.Phil 4. My "Complete Human", so what if he happens to be man. And a man against porn is a nice man:D. He talks, does and guides. My main blog has a link to his website, that should have been a clue.

b.Oprah Winfrey 3. She is fine, but not even a Phil Donahue. Her being a woman, cuts no ice with me. But thanks to her for introducing Dr.Phil.

d.Angelina Jolie 2. She talks about refugees so ok..I dont care much for her..

a.Hugh Grant 1. Looks good, mostly harmless.. Ultimata Celeb ha ha ha ha

e.Arundathi Roy 0. I dont like Shrill people. And I couldnt read past the first page of her book. And almost had fits when I read her thoughts on 9/11 in outlook. She is probably a nice person, definitely better than me, but my ultimate celebrity? EEeeeeeeeeeeeks.

4.Would love to meet this famous person from the past
b.Einstein 4. I have a weakness for smart people and he seemed to have a sense of humour. And hey I did write a post on wanting to be like Einstein

a.Mahatma Gandhi 3. Like his conviction, but then "yeh dil mange more". And actually I would prefer to meet Da Vinci over him. Da Vinci, wasnt just a painter, he had multiple interests..But since I hadnt raved about Da Vinci through my blogs, didnt think it would be fair to include him.

c.Charlie Chaplin 2. I have a weakness for humour. And its always fun to meet any artist.

d.Rani Lakshmibai of Jhansi 1. Women of courage, interesting. But she was a queen and I am a socialist :d

e.Mother Teresa 0. Whaaaaaaaaaaat. I dont want to win a beauty pageant. And I deeply disagree with her attitude towards contraception. Just because she is a better person than me, shouldnt mean I should want to meet her.

5.Would never do this on blogs
c.Not reply to a comment on the post 4. If a person takes the trouble to comment, I have to acknowledge it back with a comment. Otherwise I believe I am being rude. And if I come across a comment made a year back in an old outdated blog, I reply to it. And since none have noticed it, perhaps I shouldnt be so compulsive.

d.Delete a comment on the post. 3. Freedom of speech and Freedom to be stupid (Spams arent comments on the post). I dont like to do it, but necessary, I do it.

b.Write under another name 2.
For privacy reasons / for artistic reasons, have taken other ids. But though its tempting have avoided till date for abusive reasons, because once you cross line, there is no coming back: D
In O3
Under nopromises I started writing on books,tv, movies etc but stopped after 3 posts.
Wise Donkey I took on to have a low profile (ha ha ha) gender neutral id instead of Gayathri.
Aargh I took on took on to protest againt a media action and then converted into a fictional series character
Jupiter as a guy and Speck as girl, I created in Imagine series. It was artistic expression of genuine emotions:)
My rules are simple,
I shouldnt be two faced. (disagree thru one id and agree thru another)
And if confronted shouldnt lie

a.Unnecessary updations 1. I do it, though not many of them I think are unnecessary:D

e.Apologise for a post 0. (Why wouldnt I. If I have to, I would. Who said I cant be wrong. I do remember apologising for Saurabh Singh post:D, though cant remember any media apologising for the misinformation.)

Post no.303

You know me scorecard
20 out of 20 : Who are you, my split personality, a mind reader, Hey this is getting freaky:D
16-19 : Thanks for understanding me,
11-15 : You read my posts, but forget there is more to me than just my posts
6-10 : You probably read my post titles or skim through my posts
1-5 : You dont read much of my posts, yet you think you know me
0 :Wish I could get you into dentention and make you read all my posts :D

Score : Navin 15.5, Sanjeev 11.33, Busybee 12, Decentmonkey 11 Vaibhav 8, Godolphin, 8.6, Dte 7,Pluto 6, Konfusd 6, Zephyr 6, Rams 5, Triplex 3, Whiskeypriest 2, No one important 3.


  1. Here are the answers:

    1 - b
    2 - e
    3 - c
    4 - e
    5 - d

  2. vaibhav :D
    well u got one absolutely right but some others terribly wrong:D, will mention the score later today:)


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