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Jul 18, 2006

Imagine - Him Her & Me

""Why do you want to become a plumber" She asked.
"Why on earth dont you remarry" I said. That confused her, and gave me some time to enjoy the coffee.

"You are embarrassing your parents and your family".

I nodded and thought ,” so what.“

Frustrated, she looked away. And said quietly "I wish He was here, he could have knocked some sense into you." .
Ouch that hurt. The, He, was my buddy and her husband. One thinks the world is wonderful, when two of your friends marry. And then oneday a drunk driver changes it forever. And you wonder whom you should mourn more, your dead friend or your friend who has been widowed one month after her wedding.
We never talk about him, for that matter we hardly talk. After his death she went into “the world wouldnt understand, we are just friends mode.” This is the first time we are meeting in private, and from her determined expression, I was sure there was only one thing she wanted to discuss and that was me, not Him.

"I dont think he would have said anything, he would have thrown his hands in the air, and would have looked at you and said, "You tell him" and you would have simply thrown your coffee at me" I finally managed to reply.

"So would it work, if I threw some coffee at you?"
"No. But look on the positive side, one day when you need someone to fix a leaky pipe, you could call me and I wont reply "Dear are you sure you dont need our Gold Card. Our credit card is simply the best, blah blah. And you can choose to go abroad, where there are no leaky pipes, and you can pay the cost in easssssssssssy customer friendly instalments "

She shook her head, "Money doesnt matter? What about potential? And I thought you wanted to become a pirate not a plumber." Ouch. We had enjoyed "The Pirates of the Caribbean" movie, and I had declared that I am like Johnny Depp. (Therefore got only eyeliners and kajals on that year's birthday).

"Hey plumbers too live. What matters is not what I am best at, or what would make my parents proud, just what I love doing." Taking a deep breath I added "And people do remarry"

She froze and shook her head slightly.

"I wish he was here, not you. I could have convinced him easily." Insensitive words, but then she knew me.She smiled inspite of herself."Ok. Just remember I will not hesitate to tell you "Told you so" if you later regret this."
We laughed. Was it back like old times, no.

She hesitated and added "Sorry about your parents."
"Doesnt matter. If they would love me just for my career, it was their problem, not mine." I lied gruffly.

"And hey, you dont have to get married to get a life. He wouldnt have wanted you to be a maid in his family and be at everyone's mercy. Stop being the devoted widowed wife, and get a job and get your own life. Just because you care for his parents and his family, doesnt mean you should do everything they want. What matters is not whether everyone is happy with you, just whether you are happy with your life."

She nodded, and perhaps overwhelmed, said a quick bye and left. Such a simple stupid thing, and yet why so tough to figure it out.

- Jupiter

Which Pirates of the Caribbean character are you?
Imagine is a fictional blog series, written by two bloggers Jupiter and Speck


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