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Jul 12, 2006


Cowards, Bombs can kill people but can never dampen the human spirit.
Prayers for those affected
# re: Mumbai 7/12/2006 2:05 AM frenchita
Too mild a statement ,WD ...gotta do more than that
I would like to say something
And yet prefer to say nothing.

I can say Bombs can kill people but not the spirits of the Mumbaikars
Terrorists wont care, and my words cant bring back the dead Mumbaikars

I can easily blame the police and the government and the leaders
But a guarantee against terrorism in this world, cant be provided by any leader

I can say nuke Pakistan now
So what if our action would be no different than terrorists

I can point out that more die from other causes, hunger, maternal mortality
But then those deaths dont affect those close to me,
I can never ever think, this could happen to me
Unless I can think that, it doesnt enter my reality

I want to lash out so much at God
But then if God existed, why does this happen
Right now unfortunately I have to also hope think and pray
that this doesnt result in more murders in the name of God

I can urge people to not be intimidated and venture out
But thats so silly, whats wrong in wanting to be with your family and not venture out

Mumbai, my love, will bounce back
But will the families of the dead, ever bounce back

Besides the family, the mumbai bloggers i know are safe
Feel relieved and yet guilty about the unknowns
who would have cracked jokes like me, about the mumbai trains
who grin and bear the torture chambers, called mumbai trains.

Meaningless and irrelevant are the words, that I write
Why should I be sensible, please give me a break

No this post doesnt express what I want to convey
At loss for words, prayers, is all I say.

And if you are in mumbai, if possible, do donate blood.
As if you didnt know, every life counts

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