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Jul 6, 2006

Me Myself & I - Rain Tag

A tag by Vaibhav 10 rain memories
1.The fragrance of earth after the first rain. Nothing can ever match it. It just makes you feel Alive.

2.A poem in Marathi, during secondary school on how people who live on streets suffer due to rain. (Would appreciate any more information on it). It changed my perspective of life. Till then rains seemed to be the best thing in life.

3.After enjoying the cricket in Mumbai, take days off from work for a Test Match in Chennai. India vs New Zealand. For reasons I cant comprehend, the matches are scheduled mostly, when it rains in Chennai. Few years later when it was repeated, fumed via this blog post Atleast in the movies.

4.Never carried umbrellas while studying. Since I love the rain, didnt share anyone's umbrella. Which of course embarrassed my friends. And one thats stands out, walking home with two guys who were deeply embarassed, because everyone on the street thought they were being selfish and cruel to me. Sorry SJ & AK:)

5.Love the rain, but hate it when I have to walk through the dirty water. Couple of lousy memories. But not very terrible either.

6. It was bright and sunny when I walked into the reception. And then realised it was getting quite late, and though everyone had wished me and had their dinner, they didnt leave. Hey what about my dinner?Seems it was one of the worst sudden rains in Chennai's history. And still people hold me responsible for it. And they never get tired of telling how terribly they suffered, hey its going to be almost a decade, and I certainly didnt send any invite to the Rain Goddess (And for the superstitious, I never ate raw rice, as a kid (or as an adult). So stop asking me about it.)

7.Packing an umbrella while leaving for Oman. Spouse who has been in those areas, is outraged, irritated, then laughs and grumbles. And the day after we land, he comes back sheepishly, few minutes, after leaving for the office. Yeah of course it rained - heavily:D

8.My favourite picture, a gif rain one. It was a profile picture in a sify blog, and I have been spending hours trying to find it for the last 2 days.

9.A news item, Cherapunji, India's wettest spot, suffers from water scarcity. Availability is not everything, management matters:)

10.Wet leaves. I just love it when the trees look so fresh

Optional Tag : MeraGussa
And Mumbaikars take care:)
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  1. The fragrance of earth after the first rain. Oh yeah.. that's nice - i love it too!

  2. vaibhav :)any idea on the poem?

  3. rain may have its ill-effects. But I guess I am too blindly in love with her to notice any such thing.

    The way it rains just because it feels like it. Like dancing or singing for no reason. And the way it runs down your arms. The way it tastes nothing.

    Any thing to feel it just once.

  4. all points are interesting but point no. 1 is excellent..


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