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Jul 10, 2006

Mobile Moments

It could be your favourite ringtone, but that doesnt mean there wont be times when you dont want to hear it.

And if we could have messenger status, why not mobile responses.

It would be nice if the mobile makers, had some built in voice responses which the caller would hear before you hear the ringtone, which can preferably be programmed to certain numbers only.

And here are some I could think of :

1."Hi I am driving at the moment, please call me later, unless this is an emergency"
Its illegal in most places to drive and talk. But its tough when you drive thinking why you got the call and if your life would alter because you didnt answer it.

2."Hi I am Busy at work, please do not disturb me at the moment. It could be a big loss to my company"
Ideal when you are dozing at your desk and your Boss rings you. Or when you are blogging from office.

3."Hi I am in a meeting, please call me later"
When you are with your Boss, and it isnt the best of time to talk with friends or for that matter anyone.

4."Sorry this person is out of the network's reach. Please try after couple of hours."
For clients who pester you after office hours.

5."Hi I am having a Personal moment. Please call me, only if its absolutely necessary for me to be disturbed"
Just because you have a mobile shouldnt mean the clients and Boss can call you any time. And its about time, you stopped confusing the mobile for the soap in the morning.

Messages to Avoid
1."Too drunk to talk" Duh ..

2."Sleeping" No one would ever believe your sleep is valuable. And you think Boss doesnt know this when you get a call after midnight. A "Personal Moment message" might make some think twice though.

3."Watching a movie" Never know who might be calling, and the curious would want to know which movie you are watching

4."Eating this that and that" Who cares what you are eating...

5."In the bathroom/bedroom ____" . Oh please!!

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  1. good ones; think call answering facilities are already there though not sure how to operate them on my mobile

  2. thanks:) and that to me would be the best feature of the mobile:)

  3. gud tots.... let me forward this to NOKIA :)


  4. And to other mobile companies too!


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