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Jul 15, 2006

Connection and Cure

Politics is viewed as dirty and corrupt.Sorry I think the cure, is supporting less corrupt people irresepective of party lines, not dumping democracy for a dictatorship.

Most of the Indian women are modestly dressed. Most of the rape and molestation victims are modestly dressed. Rapes occured even in Taliban era of women being covered from head to toe. So, Sorry, I dont support the thought that attire is the reason for rape and molestation, and that, the problem would disappear if the women dress "sensibly". Rather would like to ask "Even if provocative dress is a legitimate reason for rape, would you rape your mother or sister, if they wore the same dress?".

Even though I hate rapists. Sorry I dont support death penalty for rapists. Thats just going to make them kill the victim and destroy the evidence. Being raped and murdered is worse than being just raped. Rather work on an effective and corrupt free, legal machinery.

Even though Religion has been the excuse for too many murders and mayhem. Even though Religion has been the excuse for oppression of groups (Through sects and castes). Even though religion has been the excuse for oppression of women. Sorry I refuse to run away from religion, but would like to stop the murderers and biogots from misusing religion.

Even though religion is important to me, respecting other religions through secularism is more important to me.

And Even though my life is important to me, I will refuse to do what I think is wrong , even if I will not suffer from any negative consequence for that action, get the promise of Heaven directly from God or a Billion Euros.

Even though I am not perfect,
Even though being open minded means I can change my views,
I won't wait till I am perfectly sure that I am perfect, to write a blog post.
I will post, what I want to post, and stand by it , until I realise its error.

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