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Jul 17, 2006

Aargh Diaries - OK

The Prime Minister is not doing what he is supposed to do according to, almost Everyone. Its OK and good for national unity. After all, who has managed to create this sort of national unity, besides Saurav Ganguly?

A TOI journalist could buy gelatine sticks for Rs.50 in the Tansa lake area, approximately 50 miles from Mumbai, three days After the Mumbai blasts. Its OK. Terrorism is shocking, corruption is not.

Naval War room leak. OK. First lets get the result of Bofors, then I will read about the leaks and the shady deals and boring stuff about national security.

A month back, routine murder investigation led the Haryana Police to uncover that an individual had 290 cell phone connections in his name from one company. (He owned one prepaid connection, the remaining 289 were sold to different people using his identity). "Ninety-five per cent of the cell phones being used by criminals come through this method," said the SP in that article. Oh we do have rules, if more than 10 connections are issued to any single person or address, the government has to be informed. Which wasnt done in this case by Service Provider. Its OK there is no connection to the Mumbai blasts.

Mulayam has clarified that he has been misquoted on SIMI. OK. He was being Politically Correct and fair, not Politically Calculative. .

Modi wants some terror laws. OK.

17 killed as Naxals unleash terror in Chhattisgarh. Its OK. Naxals dont target the cities.

The weekend TV was lousy. I am now getting confused between the news channel and the movie channel. And between programs and advertisements. Its OK. The media needs money, and only corporates can pay. And that means we will always get want we want, even if its not what we need.

7000 Indians die Everyday from Hunger. And if I dont click on today, someone might not get food. Its OK. Someone who reads this, might click instead of me.

At work
Yboy is watching porn on the net, while Boss thinks he is working hard. Its OK as long as its not our children he is watching.

Mr.C is discussing about some movie with his friend over phone. He had watched it on a pirated cd and is now cribbing about the quality of print. And no he doesnt think its wrong to watch a pirated cd, even if Interpol thinks Dawood gets a neat bundle from this industry. Its OK because, everyone does it.

Bigbag has stashed a bundle of A4 size bond paper, in his big, bag. So this month, he has taken from the office supplies : 1 marker, 3 pens, 4 pencils, one stapler, 2 boxes of stapler pins, 8 files and 3 cds and besides paper. OK that just means I am dumb to buy pens.

FrustratedParent is cribbing about a school. Seems they encourage consumerism and his child's school is targeted by multinationals. Its OK. Dont take it personally. It happens everywhere. The companies are supposed to sell, and the schools have to make money.

Charmer got a hike. Its OK, after all it was just through flattery and home errands, not sex.

I am not able to access Blogspot because some say the government has instructed ISPs to block blogspot. What! Are we in China! But since there are other blogsites, its OK.

I didnt take bath because I didnt get water. Its OK. Deo is cheaper than Water. And I get water for 3 hours most of the days.

I have wasted my precious minutes of my life, by writing this post, which everyone will say is stupid. Its OK as long as I dont waste more time, saying this is an intelligent sensible post.

Aargh Diaries is a FICTIONAL series.

Blog Post no.311. Aargh Diaries Series.


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