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Aug 22, 2010

What You Want

Spirituality, Marriage, Children, and Blogging are all like Bungee Jumping. Exhilarating for Some, but definitely Not for EveryoneIts all about the journey and not about the destination.

Don't get into them if you think it would help you become famous or make more money or because others are doing it.

Get into them for the simple reason of You wanting to do it. And you will know its what You Want, when you will accept responsibility, if something goes wrong in the process.

And all are mutually exclusive, including marriage and children.

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If you disagree you probably would have moved on before this line.


  1. Very right WD. The best is there when you do it for yourself and not to gain something out of it or because someone else is doing it.

    These topics all seem interesting. Will read them one by one,

  2. thanks insignia first u get some rest:)

    thanks vicious:)

  3. hiii

    hehe sahi!

    " love is blind but marriage is an eye opener!"

    "romance is like a dream but marriage is the alarm clock"

  4. Ive read these titles on so many relationship special mag's and sections on papers! ill still check it out!!

  5. I me blogging is for me, atleast there should be one place where we dont have to do anything compulsorily....

  6. as lol how lovely, i think its true especially for women:d

    madhu well if have the time, please do:)

    samvedana yes !:)

  7. Romance is OK for some time .. it surly dies off after marriage .. Seen it happen to so many people.. and these days Romance also doesnot work out, From personal expereicne 90% fails becaue people have diiferent views when they get into a relation for some its time pass or just cause another has a relation they want it too..

    marriage on other hand I beleive in for sure.. still beleive you only marry once.. and it takes two to Tango and make it work..

    and YES its the journey the hiccups, arguments, fights,making up

    I do agree with ti all and the posts will read them for sure ..

    PS:- thanks for the messages on my blog.. loved them THANK YOU.

  8. bikram, i think romance can work in a marriage, if two work on it, instead of taking the other for granted.

    shas thanks:)

  9. Very true..i liked your post..Its is true that marriage is a journey of ups and downs..


  10. very insightful.. :)
    But honestly when I started my blog way back in 2005..I did because it was a buzz word then...and then slowly it became part of life..

  11. Nice pic! :)

    Interesting post! Enjoyed reading it. :)

  12. indeed suruchi
    unknown i just heard the word and thought let me try it too:)
    and thanks chandrika:)

  13. True in an ideal world. How many single women or even men can just get old without getting married in the Indian setup? So many times, it is the societal pressure. But even otherwise, when you choose your own partner and get married, there is still a pretty good chance of the marriage breaking up. Unless, you really live with someone, you never know.

    That said, yes, it helps if the decisions like marriage, kids etc. are not thrust down your throat for you to have ownership of them.

    Blogging -- everyone is doing it :) whether they have anything substantial to say or not.

  14. Someone questioned your time management?:P Tell them
    "Its just meri marji"

  15. rachna yes and i don't think people have clue especially men on the responsibilities in a marriage.
    we don't have the patience to watch 10 minutes of a channel we dislike, its a different generation:) and unless we own it, we are not going to work for it.:)

    holy lama yes indeed but there are people who think you have to be a "Successful blogger" to blog:)

  16. lol! all perfectly defined!!

  17. I change your title from Wise Donkey to Really Wise Man....good advice but unfortunately I cannot follow it now...too late

  18. A well then use the line "You have to be in the system to change the system" :)


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