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Aug 1, 2010

A Stranger's Sweet

His heart skipped a beat,
When he saw her on the street.
He heard her friends greet
And thought, aah it would be simple and neat.

From twitter to facebook, he followed her on the virtual street.
Flattered and Praised, he easily swept her off her feet.
Eventually, she agreed to meet, that stranger from the street.
She felt with him, she would feel happy and complete.

But Alas! the Stalker had weaved a web of deceit.
His heart was just a piece of concrete.
The Creep hasn't yet beat a retreat,
He plots, hopes and yearns, for a repeat.

After all, though all know the dangers of a Stranger's Sweet
Many trust a stranger, to follow their tweets.


  1. Ooops bad bad thing to do never trust strangers especially the virtusl world ones. But then sometimes you live yoir life for years with someone and still not know them they are complete strangers when they betray you and leave you injured and hurt, oh yes such people are aplenty in this world.

    Anywy happy friendhip day.

  2. So true! One can get really betrayed in this virtual world. I think, one needs to be aware of these possibilities before getting into something more serious than a mere friendship. And protect your personal information.

  3. bikramjit, so sweet, happy friendship day to you too:)
    i agree that many times one may not know well, someone close to us. but i have seen people (incl me) trust people on the web, by letting their guard down. one of the worst thing i have encountered is the duplicity. its so easy especially in blogsites like o3 of indiatimes, to be a friend through one profile and abuse through another..

  4. rachna, absolutely, especially on the personal information:) people give away birthdays mothers birthdays, their favourites, what exactly is confidential?

  5. Hi Donks
    ya right..the girls mind is made of concrete that she decided to meet the guy with a concrete heart..what a combo.

  6. unsure ascetic its easy to criticise, but its easier to create 5 female ids, and then say lets meets girls:) (not above case..)

  7. very well written..enjoyed reading this:)

  8. thats well penned... often a 'trusted' stranger turnds out to be more stranger than he/she already is... effects of social networking ... but then that doesnt stop us from making friends :)

  9. Interesting! :)
    Virtual world is interesting and strange! One has to be careful.

  10. First thing, I really liked the way you shared this message in few lines but sweet and effective lines. This is a serious topic, anyone would generally write paras about it, but you made it so simple.

    Virtual world is strange, bad and dangerous. People take advantage of the fact that they can remain anonymous and its quick.

    There are genuine people out there, but one needs to keep on guard.

  11. ramesh thanks:)

    rajlakshmi no it doesn't but lets put less info out there

    chandrika indeed:)

    insignia, well i was going to write a story but i didn't have the time for it:D

  12. Hats off to your creativity to put such a topic in verse.Its a bab abd world, virtual or real. But more often than not, something tells tou to caution . Listen to the inner voice. It is usually correct.:)

  13. thank you holy lama:)

    you are right about the inner voice. when i first started blogging, in a different blogsite, i used to hear voices of bloggers in my head and i kept putting 2 bloggers, with different opinions, together. after many months, i was right. but instead of just relying on voices in head, i think one must be Careful, just as one would be with strangers on the street

  14. Appreciate your spirit to say that read before promoting.

  15. I hope this small poem is not a reality for anyone....
    Such a small sweet...with no pretension of being a classic....apt for the virtual world

    btw as many claims....i don't think even facebook is secure.
    Another example u put ur fonr no. in the nation's most secure bank's website
    The next moment u will be flooded with calls!!

  16. huh! Was that well written./Awesome.

    twitter pe all are friends aren't they..?
    Superaa irukku!

  17. Shri Ram Ayyangar, so did you read it:)

    facebook is probably the least secure of all. i have bookmarked so many on it, (i hate facebook:D)
    it depends on how people think it ended for her on whether it would be a reality. but i think one takes online friendships as seriously as the offline ones and if they get broken, well it does affect you

    Madhu thank you not just friends creepy followers:D


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