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Sep 25, 2006

Lonely? Get a Pet not a Spouse

A Drama Called Life -

Victim : The single human, who is earning and feeling lonely. And even though there aren't reasons to feel sad, thinks, perhaps life could be enriched further.

Conspirators : The entire society, who assure the Victim, every problem would be solved, by a single relationship called Marriage. The Victims are made to believe that the spouse would listen with wide adoring eyes, to every nonsense the Victim spouts and love the Victim, even when the Victim is being angry/stupid/arrogant, and ignore all the faults and say Love is Blind.

Ha ! If you are such a Victim, and belive the Conspirators, you can have better luck thinking your Boss would understand you, love you, cherish you, and accept you for who you are. And promote you, to be the Boss's Boss. And after all you don't have to deal with the complex mechanisms of your Boss and your family, you and your Boss's family and your family and your Boss's family. (If comprehending this is tough, then imagine living through it).

If being lonely is one of the main reasons for getting married, then think again. Marriage requires more.

Its easier to quit the job, but tougher to quit the relationship called marriage. If an IT person, had switched 15 jobs in 12 years, its ambition, but if its 3 spouses in 12 years, its being loose, and the tag "hmmm perhaps something is wrong".

You feel lonely and think another life would enhance and enrich your life, don't go for a spouse, get a pet.

1. The pet won't crib.

2. The pet won't expect much from you

3. The pet won't say out loud, you are a loser. Or give a sad sigh, when it meets its friends after couple of years.

4. The pet won't criticise your family. Your family won't criticise the pet much (if its your choice). The pet's family won't criticise you. And you don't have to worry about the nuclear war that could happen, when the pet's family meets your family.

5. The pet will expect food, not the best food , and won't complain about the food and say, I could cook better or my family could cook better or say your family has weird tastes when it comes to food.

6. The pet will not argue with you and will not pout when it loses an argument with you or gloat if it wins an argument with you.

7. The pet will not complain if you spend too much time on the net, and drag you to relationship counselling and crib you are escaping from it.

8. The pet will not cost much, and you won't have to spend most of the money you have saved till now, by treating a crowd you will never meet again, to a grand reception. And you don't have to worry if you look faboulous, and if your reception is the best one in your circle. And you don't have to worry about your pet interfering with your financial plan.

9. You need not buy another TV for your pet. And your pet won't criticise your tastes in movies, books etc.

10. The pet will not vent its frustrations on you.

11. The pet will not blog about your quirks and label them "nasty habits that drive me crazy"

12.The pet (unless its a bird) will not tweet about you or compare the number of followers with its followers and smugly say, "well I am a friendly type so have friends or see after marriage, I have lost my followers because of you".

If you think advantage of human company is sex. Well, no sex is better than having sex for the sake of sex, or having sex with someone you dislike. And sure, the pet might not share your workload at home, but for that get a housekeeper.

A Quick Pet Guide.
1. Dog : Loyal, and will adore you ,even if you are a serial killer. A great way to avoid people who pester you.
But check your building rules, and it might be tough to leave it alone, if you dont have anyone at home.
2.Cat : Not as wonderful as a dog. And its not going to adore you, as much as it adores itself, but it perhaps requires less care and maintainene.
3.Fish : Easier to leave them alone at home. But you might feel queasy after watching Finding Nemo. Ideal for those who dont want to spend too much time with another life.
4.Birds : Personally, I think better to let them fly. But its your life, not mine
5.Insects..Ants, Cockroaches, Lizards. Thats for the lazy ones. You dont have to hunt around for them. And they will take care of themselves. You can feel good for not using the pesticide, and your friends will secretly envy you. There may be people who arent afraid of tigers, but sweat and scream at the sight of a cockroach.. But do draw a line, with the rats.

The PET IS NOT A SUBSTITUE FOR MARRIAGE. But its better to get a pet, to solve the problem of feeling lonely, than to marry, just because you are feeling lonely.

IF you are just interested in getting and have not given much thought to giving and compromising, ignore the Conspirators and their suggestion of marriage.

Marriage is not a pill which will cure all your problems, but like a tonic, which can enhance your life. You will have to solve your problems. If you think marriage will solve it, you are just going to end up with more problems.

Alone and feeling Lonely? Dont Fret
Just go and get a Pet
The idea of marriage as a cure, please forget
After couple of months, you wont have much to regret

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  1. Good one :). But in US a pet is probably more important than a spouse or a baby :-p. The people who have pets are called pet-parents!! :-D.

    Btw finally we get to see the donkey eh? Looking good Gayathri ji :).

  2. Hmm... no wonder I dislike pets.... I mean... human being are more important than pets. You don't know what pets are thinking when they're quite - and that freaks me! :)

  3. deeps ,yeah i read that people are more committed to their pets than their spouses:D

    vaibhav, i never said, human beings are less important than pets..
    i think it would be a silly reason to marry just because one is feeling would be objectifying the spouse and marriage, i never said dont marry or for that matter get a pet, just pointed out few adv:D

    i dont like pets for a diff reason, i worry about them biting me:D and also i dont like to take them out of their ecosystem (fishes etc)..

    as for the humans speaking, you are right in a way, but when sometimes you have to keep in mind they might speak something and think something else, that too freaks me out:D

  4. deeps thanks, still not so comfortable with a pic of me, i prefer to hide behind other pics:D
    i had to put it up in thought lemme put it up here too..

  5. Gaya, interesting satire.

    though taking it face value isn't really possible.

    and either way,married or not, we lead a dog's life.

    nice pic of yours.

  6. yeah; marriage requires tremendous committment - changing one's long list of habits, ignoring (or rather accepting) the other's long list of habits, .. having children makes it even more of a test. btw u look good.

  7. rams :)) and thanks re the pic:)

    whiskeypriest exactly my point:) and thanks :)

  8. Ah! hate to say this but sex just for the sake of sex is good too LOL.

    Yeah! yeah! I know I am being a typical male. But then what else would you expect me to be? :-)

  9. he..he nice thgt But guess what the pet can never achieve the greater goals of life that can be built up if u have a rite partener with you. If you can live without a close freind you can also live witout pet. But yes they r cool and ur thgts are cool too....

  10. You have been tagged to write a post on eight unknown facts about yourself here :).

  11. gussawala, hmmm:d

    sanjay yes and thanks:)

    deeps sorry, earlier i thought i had taken the tag, will post soon:)

  12. Now here is something that will interest u--
    What can we learn from Dog.....
    1.Be loyal
    2.never pretend to be something that you're not.
    3.Eat with gusto and enthusiasm.
    4.Thrive on attention and let people touch you.
    5.When it is in your best interest, always be obedient.
    6.If what you want lies buried, dig until you find it.
    7.Avoid biting when simple growl will do.
    8.When you are happy dance around and wag your entire body
    9.When someone is having a bad day , be silent ,sit close by and nuzzle them gently.
    10.Run,romp and play daily.
    11.Take naps and always stretch before rising.
    12.Never pass up the opportunity to go for a joy ride.
    13.Delight in the simple joy of long walk
    14.Allow the experience of fresh air and wind in your face to be pure ecstasy.
    15.Let others know when they have invaded your territory.
    16.When loved ones come home always run to greet them.
    17.On hot days srink lots of water and lie under a shady tree.
    18.Finally , no matter how often you are criticised,don't buy into the guilt thing and pout;run right back and make friends

  13. I liked what you wrote. What about if you are married and your spouse treats your dog better than he treats you???? Now there's a dilema.

  14. lizzy thats why I wrote a post, Do You Need Him to be Happy :D

  15. Hahahaha cool list.

    No joint accounts issue, no sharing of household chores....:-P

  16. I've a better compromise formula - marry the pet! ;) And I wouldn't mind a pet like Stupidosaur, but have not been seeing him much of late. :(


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