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Sep 16, 2006

Dead or Alive

What has happened to you when
1.You stop caring about the Indian cricket team (the male one, who cared much about the female one anyway)
2.You stop watching the news
3.You dont care much for the remote control or the mobile or the net
4.You dont care about what others think of you , (and dont contemplate suicide even if a blog post gets zero comments)
5.You dont become euphoric after a cup of coffee or cola or whatever
6.You havent bothered to pick up and finish the book you loved.
7.You dont bother about thinking for a few seconds more and making this list atleast till 10, even you know you can make it till 10.

You are Dead or more Alive?


  1. i guess its neither....its more a lack of sleep!

    insomnia, eh?

  2. well not really..:)
    maybe just moving on with life..

  3. bacha... ur age is catching up with u ... go for a retirement plan... ;)

  4. maverick, hmmm,
    but there is life after retirement, thats when the fun is supposed to begin:D


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