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Oct 4, 2006

8 boring unknown facts

A tag, from Deeps.

Its 8 unknown facts about me, that no one else knows..Hmmm you got to be kidding, why would I blog about things I have carefully maintained as a secret? But then why waste the opportunity to blog about somethings, which I cant bring up in casual conversation.

1.I think parallely.
You know one background voice, and one foreground voice. You think thats weird, well, think of a song, and then think of something else, and few moments later you will be listening to that song in the background while you are thinking the second thought. So replace the song with another thought, then you will know what I mean. If you cant, practise it...:D. And if everybody can do it, well, what did you expect me to start with, I have 2 horns?

2a. Its not easy to make me watchsomething I decide is stupid on TV (or for that matter a movie or a book).
While I can be tolerant of people (well you have to be if you want to be a psychologist), I cant and hate, watching/reading something I dont like. I think my brain is a sacred and I hate filling it up with thoughts that I dont like :D
b.I cant bear to hear sounds that I dislike, especially the sound of the News Channels. (NDTV -taga taga..SunTV tadatain.. and so on). If I heard the sound throughout the day, I would go crazy. And while a news anchor can look “ugly“, I would hate a false accent. Frankly I live in dread of coming across a news channel while channel surfing. And am eternally grateful for the Mute Button.

3.I dont drive, because I like to drive Fast.
(And dont want to be responsible for someone's accident).

4.The main thing I notice, when I watch a movie, is the screenplay.
I can forgive bad performances, silly stories, if the screenplay is good.

5.I can get pain, by hearing about it.
So if I meet a person with a toothache, I get it too, for few minutes. It has got something to do with emphaty. Thankfully, its only for aches, and if I hear about cancers and heart attacks, I dont get it. (Since I met another person, with the same "problem", I am thankful, for not being too weird).

6.I can understand evil, even if I dont agree with it.
For example, I wont get shocked by a serial killer's mind. (That doesnt mean I want to be a serial killer, or serial killers can pay me a visit).

7.I just hate, yes hate, when others embarass, themselves before me, even if they dont realise it.
And I get verrrrrrrry irritated when the news anchors, fumble with the news or when a star gives a stupid acceptance speech, etc.

8.I can imagine myself on a swing, and feel myself moving, whenever I want to. (Thats some cerebral/spinal fluid flowing back and forth, I think). It started long back, when in 3rd Standard, Ms.Thomas asked, if anyone can feel the earth moving. And I said Yes (dunno why). And she smirked and said oh Ga** can feel the earth moving. Offended, I decided, I would feel it and then felt it. And well, its fun, and I do it occassionally, even now.

Tag 6 people?
Savy, Saaya, will add more on request.


  1. I dont drive, because I like to drive Fast.
    In my case its the opposite. I like to drive fast and so I drive :-D.

    I can get pain, by hearing about it.

    Oh!! That sounds a bit scary..

    I can understand evil, even if I dont agree with it.

    That must be because you are the pschycology expert :).

    Very interesting read :).


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