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Oct 26, 2006

Honey I still have the Sweets

"And what do we do with the sweets?" she asked in a despairing voice. Her husband pressed the mute button on the remote. He realised that he was required to participate in a discussion and wouldn't be able to get away with a nod or a grunt. After all, now it was a week after Diwali, and she had been asking that question almost everyday. He had overestimated the requirement, and now would have to deal with it.

She realised his dread and said, "I want to discuss, what we can do with the sweets, not why we ended up with so many sweets." He brightened. Aah now he could provide a solution.

"Maid." He said promptly.

She shook her head."Its pure ghee and its not spoiled and our neighbours will get upset with us, because then, their servants would be asking them to give nice sweets and not ones with a thin fungal layer."


"We have already given to some. And they will realise that I am giving it to them again, because its in excess. And what if they give their own excess sweets in return?"

"But there were some, to whom you didnt give?"

"But it will look so lame! How can I explain it? They wont be grateful. They will just feel insulted."

"What if we throw a party and invite people? How about a blog meet. The bloggers can blog about your tasty sweets. Surely you will feel wonderful to read it."

"Tempting, but its easier for me, to blog about my own sweets. I dont want to spend on the rest of the meal and I am really exhausted. "

"What if we just let them be, and eat something everyday."

"Already I have gained 1.5 kgs and you have gained 2 kgs"

He winced. "Well dear they were so yummy. Err can I have couple more"

She glared. "No. Do you think we can send it to your cousin in USA? After all they wouldnt know when we sent and we can always blame the postal department. "

"Too expensive. How about some to your aunt in Dubai? But then that too will cost something. How about an Orphanage?"

"Its 50 sweets not 200 sweets. How about just giving them away saying you got a promotion."

"No way. What if people at my office find out? Why not say you have become pregnant? And then fake a miscarriage. You could get some sympathy too."

"Forget it. I will end up getting names of 70 doctors who are simply the luckiest and the best in the baby business and the 80 temples which you will have to only visit, to have your wishes fulfilled and perhaps half a dozen astrologers. Never." She shuddered.

"Perhaps we could send it to some film star. And who knows, we could be on TV. But let the name begin with S. The media loves alliteration. And it could name the segment, Sweets for Sush or Sweets for Shahrukh."

"Great. But what if they think we are trying to poison them and its some form of underworld threat? Perhaps we could do it next year. Now its too late."

"Ok. Lets just throw them away"

"But they represent so much of my hard work. And they taste and smell so good, even now."

They stared at each other dejectedly. Until she had an idea.

Well, now you know the story, behind the internet auction ad "Sweets, starting at Re.1.."

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  1. too kool and apt for the situation; me too faced this; got lots of boxes; since inlaws are diabetic, wife has been asked to shun sweets so that she doesnt turn diabetic soon and i and my kid dont eat sweets (atleast not in such quantities), we took it to my parents. they also dont eat so many and moreover were already saddled with enuff (they were planning to give it to me and my in laws). asked them distribute it to the maid, cleaner, .. they did but only after pondering over it for 2 days. seriously, it wuld have been so much nicer to have given those people the sweets on day 1 itself!

  2. whiskeypriest, now is it ur story or mine ?
    i agree with u on delay in givin to servants, i think, people think its abnormal to give to them soon:(

  3. :)) u see thats the problem with women...cant just throw away...ou see men think its OK if we have 'some' extra...with women it just has to be perfect.

    And mebbe you cud just parcel it to me..I wudnt mind at all :D:D:D

  4. aw please this was just fictional and i could have used the dialogues the other way round..

    but based on the story
    1.the woman came out with a better story
    2.avoiding is not the best solution all the time

    i agree one need not have the perfect solution all the time, but there is no harm in trying:)

    well, i would send the sweets, but i think distance is a factor:d

  5. Wise D
    "i could have used the dialogues the other way round.."
    it wudnt seem realistic discussion other way round....I mean hubby thinking abt how to better use the extra sweets.

    "1.the woman came out with a better story"
    Also since the woman actually wants to use those wont take interest in anything unless they actually want to do :D:D:D

    "2.avoiding is not the best solution all the time"
    but sometimes its OK to not take th best route but the easiest way out ;)

  6. hey Wise D
    u deleted my last comment :~~ :~~


  7. Oops sry it was my internet cache which did not display my now second last comment.

    No probs I can see that comment now :)

  8. navin, in my real life, i am the one who throws away at the hint of wastage (when there is no option to give another), but my husband who hates to throw excess food. in fact i know many men who dont like to waste food and definitely who would shudder to waste food.

    so perhaps its just your reality and need not be other's reality.

    i think its pretty lame to judge a gender based on a fictional story.
    u decide to criticise and then use the story. if the story doesnt agree with what you think, you say its not realistic, isnt that silly? :)

  9. case the sweets do exist and you don't mind mailing 'em to india...i can give you my postal addr...

    pretty relevant though, i guess that s the hottest issue in most households post diwali...the solution lies in eating them, and then working out your guilt..i think :-)

  10. if i lived nearby i would ask and send u the sweets, but unfortunately it isnt feasible:(

    for those who arent weight challenged, ur option seems right, but for weight challenged, its pointless to add the burden:D

  11. LOL... based on a real-life incident it seems.

    Hope u had a gr8 Diwali!

  12. hope u too had a great diwali vaibhav, the situation real, dialogues fictional:D

  13. See I somehow figured out this story has some element of reality to it. Oh and btw... did you download the song which i linked in my blog?


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