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Oct 17, 2006

Being in Love

Being in Love doesnt just mean wanting to sleep with someone
But being happy, when you wake up that one

Being in Love doesnt mean a relationship forever
But making an attempt, to keep alive the relationship, forever

Being in Love doesnt mean zero sadness
But just being there for each other during sadness

Being in Love is not about feeling good, forever, with one another
But just feeling good about having had the opportunity to meet the other

Being in Love doesnt mean one has found the perfect person
But just that one doesnt feel the need to find another person

Being in Love doesnt mean Love ends without a relationship
But just that it would be more wonderful if there was a relationship

Being in Love never means its ok to put up with abuse
Because Loving another never means, not loving yourself

Being in Love isnt necessary to feel alive
Being in Love is just one of the ways to feel alive

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  1. Well said...being in love surely makes you appreciate what life is...

    though i feel its always better to love dogs, or fish..rather than fall in love with another human...saves a lot of pain

  2. i think the last two lines made the most sense,gaya. in a world driven by relatives.

  3. Very well said :).

  4. being in love is good but letting the other person know that u love her is also important.

  5. @$#!$# i agree, love is not a necessity just a luxury :)

    ramses YES :)

    deeps thanks:)

    whiskeypriest indeed:)

  6. Hmmm.. so very true indeed!

  7. nice thgts but except for one thg that you have not mentioned... You cant be in love with many people at a time....for sure else its affection and you are cheating the other person whom you say that u love him.... Its sad that many people think they can be in love as many times..

  8. sanjay good point:) i thought it was obvious, but then i agree that many may not share that thought:)

  9. Hey WD Happy Diwali
    Nice set of verse the one on Love!

  10. Luvarien thanks and happy diwali to you too:)

  11. "But making an attempt, to keep alive the relationship, forever"

    i want to believe in these lines blinde fold......i have run away frm relationships cus of fear tht love now more than ever i hope you are right...i pray for tht...thnks for these lines


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