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Oct 15, 2006

Sexy & Attractive

A tag on what I find sexy and attractive in men, from Savy. Well using some well known people to illustrate my point, lets start at the top, with the brain i.e, the personality

Dignity : Nothing can be as attractive as a sense of dignity.

Intelligent and Witty: Intelligence isnt measured by a CAT score, for me its making the best use of the resources available. And witty doesnt just mean the ability to laugh at the world, its important to laugh at self too.

Emotionally competent : Go to fullsize image Dr.Phil. A Secure person with no "issues", who doesnt have the need for alcohol, drugs, porn, abuse, to feel good and, Broadminded.

Ability to make me think : Go to fullsize imageDavid E Kelly (Picket Fences, The Practice, Boston Legal) Stimulating the brain, definitely gives me a high:D

Socialist : Call me old fashioned, but issues, like unemployment matter a lot to me. And oh yes Weight Challenged Guys can be sexy too:D

Having a Passion for Life : (Miss Him)

Ability to reduce things to basics : Jamie Oliver. A logical approach to anything is just sooooo soothing to my mind.

Thats when I meet a person. But lets move on to just the audio - visual stimulant

Chin & Jaw line & Cheekbones: Go to fullsize image This might sound ridiculous, but well, I cant help it.

Cheerful face :

Sparkling Eyes : Eddie Cahill

Graceful : Sigh for the seve and volley style

Ability to Dance : This isnt about complicated steps, but adding beauty to a simple step. Remember George Micheal in Fast Love video, dancing for few seconds in the Rain?

Voice :

Decent Thighs in Straight Cut Jeans : Go to fullsize image

And now even more complicated the Conceptually Sexy

A Saucy Attitude : Jack Sparrow in Pirates.., & Alan Shore in Boston Legal

Raymond's The Complete Man

The awkward, simple guy

And finally Ultimately Sexy
Ultimately no one can be as sexy as the person you love, even if the person doesnt have everything mentioned above. Hmmm perhaps thats why Love is Blind :D

Definitely NOT Sexy :

Go to fullsize imagePlastic Beauties Go to fullsize imageShow offs & Guys who think they are God's Gift to women


  1. Why have u left out Big B from the list?

  2. surprising not a single woman in the list?

  3. i dont find big b sexy or attractive, though i like his voice

    whiskypriest, it was supposed to be sexy and attractive men, will correct the post:)

  4. hi wise donkey,
    so u hv given d clear picture of what u find sexy in men.......kooool!!
    tc bye


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