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Nov 20, 2006

12 things I Hate in many People

1.Women and Men, who think, the moment a person talks about issues relating to women, if its a woman, she is a feminist-lesbian and if its a man, he must be gay, or trying to win over a girl, by being goody-goody. And when a man posts a female bashing post he is just being a guy. And when a woman posts a female bashing post, she is being sensible.

2.Men and Women who think its silly if a man isa. A victim of a sex crimeb. A victim of violence (The offender being a woman, not a man of course)

3.Women and Men who feel for Amitabh in the movie Baghban, where he is abandoned by his 4 sons, but wouldnt have felt sorry, if Amitabh had been abandoned by 4 daughters.

4.Men and Women, who dont think its odd when only one side has to fit the wedding bill.

5.Women and Men, who dont thinkmolestation and eve teasing is to be protested against, and if the victim is silent, its not because of fear, but perhaps passive pleasure. And who think dress is the cause, even when majority of molestation still happens in the towns and villages, where the women are "more modestly" dressed.

6.Men and Women who think women need someone to protect and provide for her.
But of course wont think about widows and divorcees.

7.Women and Men who think porn is ok, as long its other girls, and not their family member. And place a premium on the virginity of a girl, but not the guy.

8.Men and Women who think its ok if an Earning Wife, works at home and office, while an Earning husband doesnt do much at home.

9.Women and Men who think a.A homemaker 's 24 x 7 job, with no weekends and promotion and retirement benefits, doesnt require any help or appreciationb.A homemaker has nothing to do since she has help and gadgets but wouldnt think a Vice President of Sales should be paid less than a Frontline Sales Staff because the VP has more gadgets and assistants than a Frontline Sales staff.c.Male Homemakers are a joke and any guy who wants to be a homemaker is a loser.

10.Men and Women who thinkA slap is a good method to "cure" a Woman. And dont cringe when they see it on Movies or Soaps.

11. Women and Men who think Issues like Maternal Mortality in India is boring, even when a woman dies every 5 minutes due to childbirth, and when our rate is one of the worst in the world and worse than Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

12.Men and Women who think Women are a burden to the family and its better to have sons and have skewed the sex ratio from 976 girls in 1961 to 927 girls per 1000 boys in 2001. Thus making sure that two decades from 73 per 1000 boys wont get brides.


  1. Hmmm... nice nice!

    Must say I agree with all of these points. There are times when people say these things in front of me and though I feel the need to correct them, I've given up on that. Dunno why?
    maybe I was being too self-righteous and all. Anyways, i agree completely with ur men and women points. Completely. esp. the Amitabh thing :)

  2. well hypocrisy and double standards are the norm of the day....

    it is unfortunate, but sadly true that people do not put themselves in others' shoes, and often mistake fiction for fact.

    I am sure this list would be much longer, right?

  3. Point 12 is already happening in Haryana and Punjab. These guys are marrying people from Bengal and Assam and sharing them between the family members. Soon you will have guys paying dowry.

  4. vaibhav, to be honest, even i dont protest all the time for everything i disagree with it. maybe because i am selfish enough to want a social life.
    but i certainly dont agree, and hope my silence and stare can make people quiet.

    there was a time when i used to have tears and protest vehemently. but for me ultimately its about changing or influencing a change, and sometimes by immediately disagreeing, i am going to sound like just a hysteric woman..

    so i simply keep quiet and then say something on my own to balance it out.. it never comes to arguements, but atleast i have added a different dimension.

    is it always enough? sadly no.

  5. @$#!$# yeah the list is longer.

    in sulekha there was a spate of things i hate about men, things i hate about women etc..
    my initial response was the "do you need him to be happy post"

    but i think its ridiculous to think certain characteristics can be attributed to only one gender so i said men and women and wrote people and mentioned causes, rel to "men vs women".

  6. vaibhav yeah i cant get over Baghban and the 4 daughters theory.
    if i had money i would make the exact movie, with 4 daughters and ask all the people who went gaga over Baghban, why they dont go gaga now..:D

  7. whiskey priest, i read about it happening in Gujarat too..
    but inspite of this people dont seem to learn, and the rates continue to Worsen in Punjab Haryana belt.

    whether its male or female paying, i find the notion of dowry sick.
    in fact i find the notion of parents financing marriage silly.

    i think even when the rates worse there will be a creamy layer of men who will demand dowry and a set of men who might have to pay dowry


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