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Nov 18, 2006

Ban Women

"The authorities of the Hamidia Collge want all the girls to leave the college, so the male students wont be 'distracted' any more ". Source NDTV

They deserve The Ostrich Award for Superb Solutions since this Attitude has Additional Applications :

1.Ban women from workplace. Lets not deal with complaints of sexual harrassment and it would mean more employment opportunities for men, even if they are unqualified.

2.Ban women from complaining about Dowry or Domestic Violence or Rape or Molestation, or for that matter any crime. That will mean speedier justice.

3.Ban women from travelling, (it wont stop eveteasing complaints, since thats already banned), but it could make the roads less congested.

4.Ban from educational institutions. Why waste resources on them, since education might mean they could make demands about their rights.

5.Ban women having property. That way they wont have resources to complain against the other Bans, and since they wont have buying power, the media (who need advertisements to survive) wont make a big deal of the ban.

Categories where they shouldnt be banned.

1.Women should be allowed to dance in Dance Bars, appear in Porn, work as a Sex Worker and can be allowed on Films, (only to dance in songs and weep for help). Because men need entertainment

2.Marriage. Men need women not just for entertainment but also as a resource for finance and an outlet to vent their frustration and to have someone look after them.

3.Birth. The process of partial ban, should be continued.(In India, the child sex ratio (0-6 age group) which was 945 in 1991, decreased to 927 girls for every 1000 boys in 2001.) Since, a total ban would backfire, and all men and not just 73 men per 1000 men wouldnt get brides.

Most importantly, men who are disloyal towards their gender, and who protest against this ban should be termed "Gay" and ostracised completely.


  1. Hi WD,
    how ' r u doing??
    have a nice weekend...

  2. vs thank you :)
    you too have a fab weekend:)

  3. Very powerful post. Banning women, outrageous!! Why don't they straight away declare going back to stoneage? Then men can tell women "I bring food, you cook" :-p.

  4. Oh well, I forgot I am banned from complaining ;-).


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