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Nov 11, 2006

Marooned Tag

A tag by shady - You are marooned on Island miles away from civilization you can take one partner and 5 things what would that be?

1.A big flask of coffee. (Juices are great, but the no added sugar, no preservative stuff I drink could get spoiled, but I can drink coffee even if its horribly cold.)

2.Potatoes. (My favourite dish is boiled potatoes, hmmm maybe 5 kgs...)

3.Matchboxes. (To boil my potatoes, and to keep away the animals and cannibals if any, at night. Maybe a dozen.)

4.Sharp Knife. (The wood, and the branches to protect me from the weather, sun or rain)

5.Hammock .(Silly choice. A book on surviving alone, would be a better choice, but I love swings and hammock and it would be fun to doze and imagine in it, and hopefully not many insects would climb up to it:D)

Partner : A good sailor (male or female) with a boat, who will not disturb me when I am on the island and who will take me back to civilisation, when I run out of potatoes and coffee.

PS : If there is a solared powered satelllite phone, will definitely opt for it. But since I love the 5 things I mentioned, will trade in the partner for the phone (now thats truly pathetic:D)

PPS : Didnt mention my husband, because I am considerate about boring him to death, and I dont want him to die. And the option would have been boring to the bloggers to read, and the emotional health of the bloggers are important to me:) If I have to really come up with a celebrity, it would be David E Kelly (creator of Picket Fences, The Practice, Boston Legal, etc. Because he makes me think, and when I am not imagining stories in my mind, I like to think.)

Tag : Anyone interested



  1. Hello again, WD, :-)

    So you have been bitten by the tag bug too?!! lol But you certainly did a different twist to it by inserting wonderful pictures. Makes it even more interesting. Great job. :-) Btw, thanks for visiting the blog and for your lovely message. Oh one more thing, I'd like to know if that's your picture posted here and in your o3 blog. You have pretty long hair. I used to wear my hair long too. But cut it when I began working. Choose one that's wash-and-wear lol! :-)) Well, it's nice knowing you, WD. Wish you all the best in life. May God bless you and your home.

  2. yeah thats me in the pic, well its slightly shorter hair now:)i wear it in a ponytail, easy to maintain..



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