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Nov 25, 2006

Why Didnt you Call Daddy?

He wanted to kill his son-in-law. What had he, not done for that $#@$@!#? He had given him an educated,earning, cultured and beautiful daughter, and had spent lavishly on the wedding and other functions. And yet..he couldnt take care of his daugher.

Couldnt he have kept her atleast alive?

What had she done wrong, juggling and attending to the needs of one and all. Her husband, her child, her inlaws, her deserve death?

That pig, had murdered her, and yet, dared to say, he meant to just hurt her and it had unfortunately resulted in her death. Tears rolled down his eyes, as his grandson wailed once again, but this hands didnt wipe away his tears since they were clenched, as he thought about his daughter and her death.

Why, oh why had she not come to him earlier. Why had she not complained?
Because she believed there would be no solution?
Because she believed it might result in a stigma called divorce?
Because she wanted a father for her son?
Because she didnt want to embarrass or be an emotional burden to her parents?
Because she didnt want to let tell her parents, they had made a mistake?
Because she wanted friends and family to remember the grand wedding, and not think of it as a grand mistake?
Because she believed time will take care of her?

She had her education, income, and her family. Yet why did she put up with this abuse? If she had complained earlier, surely she wouldnt be dead now.

"Oh dear" he moaned, "Why didnt you call Daddy?"
His wife softly answered, "Perhaps, she thought it was normal.."

Rage engulfed his body and soul. He slapped her and his hands went around her throat. He wanted to choke her and hurt her and teach her a lesson. How dare she compare him with that brute of his son in law...

And felt a tug at his leg. And looked down at the scared face of his grandson.

A chill ran down his spine. How many times had his daughter tugged him away from his wife, only to be kicked for interfering.

He quietly picked up his grandson, and walked out of the door. He would make sure that in future, violence wouldnt be normal, atleast for his grandson. And perhaps, he thought, I will apologise to Her. After all her She too is a daughter..

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