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Nov 8, 2006

The Point of Points

Muse : Where is your passion and competitive spirit?

Self : Whats your point?

Muse : You are losing points, thats my point. Dont give me, the dazed look. How can you ignore this opportunity to win valuable points, in Sulekha.

Self : Aaah. Got your, err, point. But I am blogging as before, and more comfortably (Thanks to the hard work of the Sulekha team), what else should I do?

Muse : Oh Baby, dont you want to figure out how you can win More points and improve your rankings? Shouldnt you go beyond the posting and commenting and think about networking and sending notes?

Self : But I dont want to do anything just for the sake of points.

Muse : I am so ashamed ! You are not even in the Top 100. Do you realise, the ranking also reflects on me! And I cant boast to others, when we have a Muse Meet..

Self : Enough of this. Have your ever thought about life? That it isnt going to be one or ten Big Moments, in front of the world media, but just a collection of moments. And the best way to enjoy life, is to do what you want and smile, for most of the moments.

Muse : Aaargh ! Whats the point of life, if you are not Someone in others eyes?

Self : And whats the point of life, if you are no one in your own eyes. When you let yourself down, and do something you wouldnt normally do, just because you want to shine in someone's eyes, arent we sending the message "What I think or want to do, is unimportant?" If I am not to important to myself, how pathetic would my life be?

From simple Points to Career Choice
What matters. is whether you do, what you want to do,
not whether, you live a fantastic life, from others point of view.

Its fun to have some blogging points,
but the point of blogging, need not be points:)
Points are fun, but if they become the point of blogging
They take out the fun out of life.



  1. So true. There are times I am kind of disappointed that not many people visit my blog. But that certainly does not mean I stop blogging. I do have to remind myself sometimes that I blog for my sake..

  2. each to her own; cricket is just a game for many but a career to others. the spectator may enjoy the game irrespective of who wins but the player invariably does not enjoy to the same extent for he is planning his career move on the field. so there culd be some guys who want to win - culd be at blogging too

  3. deeps,i think the blogsite,makes a difference,
    for eg if u are in o3 or sulekha, one gets more hits, but inspite of having more bloggers in o3 i prefer to have blogspot as my main blog because it offers more freedom.

    just like one cant please all the people all the time, its not wise to rely on others to make u happy.

    comments, points, features are all nice,
    but not necessary
    but bloggin for urself is absolutely necessary

    whiskeypriest but to excel at cricket, many have to play in ranji matches where there hardly is a crowd. the moment we give control of our happiness to others, we are going on a game we will probably lose.
    winning at blogging doesnt mean, losing sight of what one really wants..

    well i have had plenty of posts featured in o3,sulekha sify and had my share of hanging out and 100+comments in o3, but nothing matches the pleasure of writing a blog , however silly or serious, just because I want to ..

    to each one their priorities


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