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Nov 7, 2006

Uncoding Women

Movies perform an important sociological function. They uncode women for men. Women in the movies, (and therefore real life), have 3 stages.

1. The skimpy skirt stage : Before she meets You, the Hero. Even if she calls you "stupid", she enjoys, when you make fun of her with your buddies, and slap her bottom and kiss her. (If some guy does it with your sister, its ok to kill him, but when you do it, its because she wants You to do it.)

(This is not to be confused with the item number stage. The item number stage is about girls, who are not "worthy" enough to be your girlfriend, but who desire you, and will do anything for you and wont object to anything you do with them.)

2.The salwar kameez stage : She has now been tamed by you. You are busy in life, and she hangs around waiting to hug you and sing a song with you, when you get time to visit her.
It might also include
a.Being tied, in a godown waiting to be rescued (action movie)
b.About to catch a plane, train, bus (romantic movie), thinking stupidly you are not important. Of course, once you meet her, she "corrects" herself.

3.Sari - Matching Bangles stage : She is married to you and observes the required fasts, and has the ideal relationship with everyone in your family, and you can live happily ever after.
Sometimes if the sari stage appears early (family movie), she might not have an ideal relationship, with everyone and might talk about freedom (nuclear family) or might do the ultimate crime, argue with your mother. Just slap her, and imply you can get another woman, and she will definitely come running back to you.

But today society has changed. Its not just the movies, now its the internet forwards and porn. They dont complicate the topic with stages. Just simple rules.
1.Women are stupid. And therefore, they can never be right.
2.They have time only for shopping and talking.
3.The only exception are the mothers.
4.Porn proves only one thing, women like and desire You.
5.If someone disagrees and tells this isnt reality, they are liars, because Forwards always represent the truth.

Whatever the uncoding medium, its tough to think, there is no need to idolise women or demonise women, treating them as humans would be fine.

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  1. other ways to look at the role of women in the films.
    1. The woman values her virginity - Should the story take a different turn, then the character has to die
    2. A widowed woman has 2 options - have a child and stay alive or die. In contrast, the widowed man can get a college girl (or atleast his ex-wife's sister)

  2. whiskey priest, sadly so so true:)

    maybe one should do a series on it :d

  3. Another stereotype - a woman given into her wishes of "Pati-parmeshwar" and is not allwoed to work after marriage.

  4. vaibhav of course:)

    but even if she works, (maybe as a lawyer comin to husband rescue) she will a superwoman and juggle things and take care of home and work , perfectly :D

  5. the list is never ending it goes on and on and on and it starts right from the birth or rather the conception of a girl child. the female infanticide, non education for the girl child, dowry, giving up career for husband, children etc, coming home at 9 from work and then cooking though the husband might have come at 7 and the mil might have been at home the whole day... the list really is never ending...

    i also just wish the last line u wrote equality and dignity it should be

  6. sad but true. Why is it that men see women as 'things' and not living breathing human beings?
    At the first stage: When shes running around in little skirts, shes a prized possession to be owned. If she doesnt want to be owned, then she's a snob. Otherwise she can be 'tamed'


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