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Nov 8, 2006

Head vs Heart

The heart said, "Go ahead"
The head said, "Stop!
You have been hurt once,
How do you know, again you would be not?

Is it worth the pain?
Would you be able to handle the pain?
What on earth, will you gain.?"
The head argued in vain.

But the heart didnt give up.
It reasoned with head,
"Remember the first time I tried to walk,
If I had listened to you, I would have never walked

Let me do what I know, in my heart is right,
Lets prepare for the worst, and hope for the best.
We are not different and our goals are not apart,
I will be your strength, just follow the heart."



  1. the heart is an optimist - it says the bad is behind us
    the mind is a pessimist - it says the real bad is ahead
    an ideal mix wuld be to prepare as the mind thinks and do as the heart feels

  2. let the heart rule the head always,
    life is all about feelings,
    let no logics get in the way,
    later take care of the healings..


  3. yes whiskeypriest, my motto is "hope for the best and prepare for the worst" :)

    virtual scorpio, wow :) yes indeed:)

  4. what is heart without a direction and head is cold without a heart.Listen to yr heart and be guided by the will not suffer.Dont be shy of taking another shall take you somewhere at least.

  5. excellent...if head and heart are agree on some point....the result is ultimate....:))

  6. The heart is treacherous and is only moved by its desires and wants. How can you trust it?

  7. annon, the heart wants, what You wants..


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