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Nov 5, 2009

Butterfly vs Fly

Why does the beautiful butterfly, always fly away
While the irritating fly, never flies away?


  1. Well, I think that's because of what butterflies and flies think about 'us'! I guess!

    There is a very, very, very long (takes around 30 min to read) spoof I'd done exclusively on personality disorders that was centered around a house fly, and of course me!

    Insanity Person(alit)ified! (Click)

    I'd be replying to your responses at your older posts a bit later. Right now thought, would respond here as the post was fresh! :)

    Incidentally, my today's post also involves a fly in a small way. ;)


  2. :O
    butterfly fly, fly no fly :)

  3. Because flies swarm around donkeys irrespective of wisdom ;)

    Thats why.

    Pretty butterflies also hover around donkeys, but only some specific donkeys like Eyore the donkey in Disney cartoons. Thats one gloomy little donkey. Though also supposed to be wise, knowledgeable and loving

  4. ketan and tarun :)

    stupidosaur thats interesting. i prefer shrek's donkee to disney's eyore..

    diwakar sinha thanks:)

  5. Assuming you've already read Nissim Ezekiel's Butterfly (google it if you haven't), here's me.

    There is a fly,
    It deserves to die:
    It is very irritating.
    Spreading illness like that
    Bringing shit to your hat
    It's a claimant on collective hating.
    Rubbing its hinds,
    About to devour your health
    Disgusting like a Star Wars villain.
    Let the Electric Fly killers
    Attract them and burn them
    Let the swatters take care of the carcasses inflight
    Let newspapers get to their real jobs
    Let the hum finally cease.

  6. nice version:D
    even though i haven't read Nissim Ezekiel's Butterfly . will google it.

  7. I liked the reader who shared the Nissim Ezekiel poem on Butterfly. Hats off to PrianCA!


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